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10 Endrathukulla review. 10 Endrathukulla Tamil movie review, story, rating –

10 enradhukulla movie review

Video 10 enradhukulla movie review

10 Endrathukulla review. 10 Endrathukulla Tamil movie review, story, rating -

long road trips have been the envy of hollywood and then bollywood also jumped on the bandwagon and similarly transporter has also been one of the best franchises in hollywood. Vijay Milton has somehow put these two concepts in a blender, added some stereotypical commercial elements of Tamil cinema like songs, a million villains, occasional adult jokes, action and all that to give 10e. vikram makes his appearance after the magnificent “i” stands out with his style and is combined with the beautiful samantha who could have landed her biggest role in kollywood to date, he is given equal prominence and pasupathy is also present in a different avatar.

vijay milton has treated the story quite simply and directly with the only twists coming late towards the climax. What happens when a stylish driver capable of pulling off those fast and furious stunts gets acquainted with a lovely lady who has failed her driving test 15 times? the plot is as simple as that, add some villains (rahul dev and abhimanyu singh) who are about 3000 miles away drawing up a plan with the help of their agent pasupathy and a few other goons here and there, that’s 10e for you. milton has put his foot in the script and the main vikram-samantha couple, their meetings, conversations, journey and finally a twisted climax, you will surely want to go and watch it without spoilers.

vikram isn’t your usual street fighter type, who jumps into a fight right away, but instead takes a sip of his tea when the assailant jumps with the knife and just walks away for cover, milton sets the mindset of the character from the first frame with the number of jokes and occasional concerts. for example there is a scene where pasupathy’s henchmen kidnap vikram to give him a black and blue beating but instead the guy starts engaging in comical conversations and everyone forgets about the world around him so it’s I work while I work and I fight while I fight for Vikram and there isn’t just one name that he bears throughout the movie: Michael Jackson, Kamal Hassan, Bill Gates, etc., so good luck finding him.

the contrast to him is samantha, she is that lovely energy that came out of the sweet girl who refuses to sink into her negative past and enjoys failing her driving test, she embarks on the journey with vikram and for a change, Milton has given her the upper hand in pulling legs, because she continues to irritate Vikram and of course eventually falls for him too. with a female character that needs so much prominence, the dubbing falls flat and in many scenes the lip sync is totally outlandish. That said, this might be one of the best roles she’s played so far, the role of a bubbly, innocent, irritating geek seems to have suited her well enough. Also present is the usual pasupathy surprise package, funny villain might be the right word, she proves herself once again that she can summon laughter at will. since the day the trailer came out, the expectation was to witness some high voltage car chases, action sequences and whatnot, but somehow the cgi/vfx plays big with the camera work saving the day every once in a while from time to time probably the wait for a good action packed sequence could have made the movie longer, plus the placement of the songs in the first half just drags it down. Aside from aanalum intha mayakam, the other songs don’t dwell well in the visual segments. some of the lush places in the north with lively landscape settings are worth mentioning.

The entire movie itself is saved by the main pair of vikram-samantha, who continue to tease each other, make some one-liners to each other, and continue to keep the movie alive. Surprisingly, Samantha steals the spotlight from the usual Vikram with his bubbly performance, a little more attention on the lip sync and voice re-recording could have done wonders. the villain elements, the climactic fights, the length, and the CG sequences make the film less of a commercial box office success.

That said, the movie is a good choice to watch this holiday season because it has no plot, just the script that flows like the ride with a few comedic elements here and there.

Verdict: A fun ride with some speed breakers.

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