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Review : Ranas 1945 – Abrupt and illogical |

1945 telugu movie review

Video 1945 telugu movie review

frog signed a bilingual called 1945 in 2019 but the movie was stuck for a long time and finally released today by c kalyan. let’s see how it is.


The story is set in Burma in the year 1945. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose plans to launch the Ina to fight against the British. This is also the time when Adi (Rana Daggubati) returns to Burma to take care of her family business. Upon her arrival, he becomes engaged to the daughter of a British Tasildar (Nasser) (Regina). Just as he is about to get married, the British atrocities continue to escalate and Adi is forced to fight the British. what he did and how he stood up to powerful British soldiers form the story.

positive points:

The basic point of the movie and how it’s set in the pre-independence era looks good. more than the narration, the images, the production design and the locations used are quite good.

Frog puts a lot of effort into his role and does well in the fight sequences. saptgagiri, which touches the frog’s right hand evokes some fun. Nasser is impressive as a government official.

regina, plays a traditional role and is impressive and has acting possibilities. satyaraj is fine, but he didn’t get much screen time to act.

negative points:

1945 is directed by satyasiva and is half done. the basic emotions necessary for any patriotic film are completely missing here. Every revolt planned by Rana against the English seems forced.

there is no drama at all and since frog had problems with the filmmakers, he didn’t even do the dubbing for the movie. this itself reduces the tempo of the first half.

In many of the scenes, Frog seems jaded and not in the mood at all. the way things are going between the British and the frog revolt is totally unjustified. there is no climax and the movie ends abruptly, irritating the audience.

technical aspects:

As stated above, the film’s production values ​​are pretty good. the locations and camera work showing the period settings are impeccable. akula siva’s telugu dialogues are good. editing is boring as many scenes end abruptly.

referring to the satyasiva director, he has done a poor job with the film. his story has a good point, but his narrative lacks basic force. a very serious drama is made to look silly with the direction of it.


Overall, 1945 is an abrupt and illogical patriotic drama that lacks basic impact. frog sleepwalks in his role and seems uninterested at all times. the film has been stuck in the making for years and the boring and forced scenes demonstrate the film’s depressing attitude. ignore this movie even if it comes in ott. rating: 2/5

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