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24 review. 24 Telugu movie review, story, rating –

24 movie review in telugu

24 review. 24 Telugu movie review, story, rating -

there is a scene where suriya’s friend (played by sathyan sivakumar) explains to suriya the ‘lekka’ by literally putting all the money on the table and taking his share of the money off the table. this is the narration of vikram kumar in this excellent script: everything is clearly explained.

The film begins with the narration of a story set in 1990, the story of Siva Kumar (Suriya), a scientist who seeks to invent a watch that has the ability to travel through time. athreya (suriya, again) is his brother, separated at birth by 180 seconds, but diametrically opposite (ie “180 degrees”) in personality. The villainous brother arrives just in time to wrest the watch from Siva Kumar, but the meek but cunning scientist finds an escape route for his little boy and the watch. the boy grows up to become a mani (suriya, again) and realizes the greatness of the watch only 26 years later, thanks to a divine coincidence.

The way the special watch’s time travel ability is revealed to mani, as well as the audience, is out of the world. Vikram Kumar has used comedy, adding romance, to explain the concept. At first glance, the scene where Mani goes to the future and goes back in time to impress Sathya (Samantha) is an engaging romantic comedy scene, fueled by a sci-fi element. but in reality, the director is using the scene as an introductory lesson so that the audience can easily understand what is going to unfold.

every time you lower your expectations for one reason or another, vikram surprises us with his class. after a character acts smart, the audience feels that he has been outwitted. before you know it, you’re wondering, “how come I didn’t see this coming?” take the scene where athreya tricks mani’s son by cleverly putting himself in danger. and an edge-of-the-seat scene that is a textbook case of how to thrill the audience.

You can understand why the filmmakers said the film is distinctly Indian in its soul. family sentiments are all over the place, complete with a flashback involving the entire family. the rom-com track stays longer than expected, somewhat indian, negatively. something that is definitely indian cinema at its core is the silly idea that version 2.0 of a never seen before invention can only be created by this mechanical son of watches! however, some of those elements can be forgiven. It may seem curious, but this could be an element that the mass audience will find an immediate connection with.

In a long time, here’s a movie with a very clever climax. the minute detail in establishing a link to the opening scenes is dreamlike and surreal. it is also sentimental, recalling nag’s longing to live with her parents in manam. this is an element that many will find moving.

mainly for athreya, 24 will be a movie that people will add to the list of movies that will make them identify suriya as a great actor. playing a negative character for the first time, he has done a fantastic job. he has brought the terror of a ruthless villain with his unique voice, mannerisms and body language. he is at his usual best in the other two positive characters. like mani, suriya shows the comic rhythm of him. as an innocent scientist, he shows meekness about him and evokes sympathy.

samantha does a good job in the romantic comedy scenes; she achieves the correct chemistry with suriya. nithya menen in a brief role is impressive. Ajay lands a good role, and as Athreya’s trusted lieutenant, he seems very fit for the part. saranya gets to play an elaborate role; As Mani’s mother, she is very realistic. sudha comes to play a good role after a long time. huravardhan has a cameo.

rahman’s songs are pleasing to the ears and the way they were filmed in exotic foreign locations is a visual treat. re-recording is suitable in many scenes, as oscar nayagan knows where to downplay and where to make us feel the presence of the music.

the visuals by cinematographer tirru, the spot-on music, art direction and visual effects by rahman – all of these intangible team members have contributed equally to making the film better. the research lab set that includes many precautionary facilities created by the scientist with some beautiful designs including a multi-purpose crib for the child. Production design duo Amit and Subrato Rao provide a full production.

There are also some changes on the technical side. Mani’s house and street, the cricket ground, etc. they are far from authentic. there are also some palpable cg errors. in the scene where athreya hits siva kumar, we could easily identify that it was done by cg.

verdict: a science fiction with familiar sentiments. exciting script. the romantic comedy that stayed longer than expected is a flaw that can be forgiven. technically brilliant. at least four clever episodes will make you want to clap your hands.

తెలుగు వెర్షన్ మూవీ రివ్యూ

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