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Aatagallu movie review

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nara rohit keeps producing movies one after another. Next in line is his new movie Atagallu, which also has Jagapathi Babu in a crucial role. The murder mystery has hit the screens today and let’s see how the movie turns out.


siddharth(nara rohit) is a renowned film director who is arrested for the murder of his wife (darshana). During the course of the case, a high-profile public prosecutor named Veerendra (Jagapathi Babu) fights Siddharth’s case and clears him of all charges. The twist in the story comes when Veerendra discovers that the murder mystery has a completely different setting. what is this? who is the real killer? And how does Veerendra solve this murder mystery? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

lead actor jagapathi babu is decent in his role as a renowned lawyer. all the scenes of him in court have come out quite well and create an interest factor. Nara Rohit is out of place as him for the first half, but he catches up nicely as the film and his role take different turns. subbaraju is good in the role of a negative cop.

The newcomer darshana makes a decent debut and looks good in her emotional role. she looks wise, she’s decent and she manages to make an impact. the confrontation scenes between jagapathi babu and rohit have been crafted quite well in the second half and create some interest factor while on screen.

negative points:

The basic thinking behind the movie is good but it’s narrated in a very old fashioned way. the film fails with the first scene itself, as a girl is shown coming out of a coma for only two minutes, which seems silly and over the top.

brahmanandam doesn’t irritate you at all with its goofy comedy that doesn’t elicit any laughs but also completely distracts from the movie. the first half is wasted as the director has no scenes to properly establish the murder plot. With the exception of subbaraju, the supporting cast is awful and adds no depth to the movie.

the writing is silly and some scenes are so old you may have seen them in hundreds of movies before. Nara Rohit’s character is not adequately justified in the second half. the lead up to the climax is boring and the way the movie ends leaves a lot to be desired.


The film’s production values ​​are fine, as many scenes look outdated. the camera work is a mess, as the film clearly appears to be out of sync and not easy on the eyes at all. Sai Karthick’s music is pathetic and even horrible is his special appearance as an item boy that will make you look for the exit doors. the editing is below par, as many scenes in the first half with brahmi should have been edited out.

as for the director paruchuri murali, his narration is anchored in the 90s since there is not a single episode that is new or has been written with much thought. his basic idea was kind of ok, but murali’s direction lets the movie down completely and the first half is completely dumb.


Overall, atagallu is an old school murder mystery that you may have seen many times in the past. As long as Jagapathi Babu and Nara Rohit take center stage, things look good and can be seen. but the rest of the storytelling, script, and suspense factor are old with nothing new to offer, making the movie a grind and a stale clock this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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