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Aavu puli madhyalo prabhas pelli movie review

Continuing the trend of low-budget movies, another project hitting the screens today is aavu puli madhyalo prabhas pelli. let’s see how the movie fares.


nagaram nani(prabhakar) is a feared thug who is part of the earth mob in nellore. his only problem is that he doesn’t hate women, which includes his own sisters as well. This is also the same time that his sister Amruta (Ashwini) falls in love with a boy named Prabhas.

well, when amruta decides to reveal his love to nani, another man named prabhas(ravi teja) enters the scene. who is this prabha? what is all this confusion? How will amruta convince her brother? To find out the answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

One of the film’s greatest assets is the idea of ​​inducing comedy into serious subject matter. a man who hates women, the way he treats gang members who have girlfriends, all these things are well written.

kalakeya prabhakar does a decent job in his role. also in emotional scenes, she manages to impress. the interval twist is decent and the comedy that is generated through prabhakar’s friends is executed very well.

negative points:-

A single point has been stretched too far in this movie. although some scenes evoke good comedy, the film falls into no man’s land. sometimes the movie gets completely serious and other times it’s funny. the director failed to strike a perfect balance between these two.

the movie is dragged to no extent just to show simple twists. young hero ravi teja plays big and goes overboard as him. venu’s comedy track also completely irks the audience. heroine ashwini needs acting classes since she has done a very bad job in the movie. the climax of the movie seems rushed.

technical aspects:-

The music is quite disappointing, but the background score is good. editing is fine. the camera work is fine and suits the mood of the film well. Coming to director chaitanya, he completely fails in his attempt to make a black comedy. his narration lacks spark and makes the movie go crazy.


Generating dark comedy is no joke, as it takes a strong script and tense storytelling to evoke comedy from serious situations. Unfortunately, the creators of Aavu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli completely fail in this area and narrate the film in a disappointing tone. apart from prabhakar’s sincere efforts, this movie doesn’t have much going for it. rating: 1.75/5

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