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Abhinetri telugu movie review

Video Abhinetri telugu movie review

The much-hyped “abhinetri” finally hit screens today after intense promotional activities by sonu sood, tamannah & prabhu deva. This is a trilingual film which is released as Tutak Tutak Tutiya in Hindi, Abhinetri in Telugu and as Devi in ​​Tamil. The promotions definitely raised the bar for the movie that was being talked about as a horror comedy, so let’s read on to find out what this ‘abhinetri’ has in store for us.


‘abhinetri’ has a fairly simple story that begins with a flashback showing krishna (prabhu) working with a company in mumbai. His ambition is to marry a Westernized girl who speaks English, since he feels that this would give him a higher social position given the origin of his town.

ironically, he marries devi (tamannah) during a visit to her village due to family pressure. she makes every attempt to hide her marriage when she returns to mumbai with devi and this includes moving into an old apartment and trying to convince devi to return to the village. things change tremendously once krishna and devi move into the apartment and devi behaves like a completely different person.

Pretty soon, she catches the eye of raj (sonu sood), a huge movie star, who casts her in his next movie. In parallel, Krishna realizes that Ruby, the apartment’s previous occupant, had committed suicide and has now possessed Devi.

what will happen to devi and her movie? will raj realize that devi is possessed? the answers to these questions are what the rest of abhinetri is about.

positive points:

What works for ‘abhinetri is that the director keeps the narrative pretty simple. It doesn’t go overboard with the horror scenes, which thankfully don’t have the usual gory sound or visual effects.

Balancing comedy and horror is not easy and this balance is achieved through a certain amount of success in abhinetri. it’s good to see prabhu deva back on screen as the helpless husband who keeps negotiating with a stubborn ghost who has possessed her wife while trying to stop sonu from falling in love with her. His dances are exemplary as always and he shines on the song ‘Chill Maar’.

Besides him, tamannah does her role justice. Saptagiri performs well the comedic act of him as prabhu’s friend and gets maximum laughs from the audience.

negative points:

For a film that was marketed as a horror comedy, the film doesn’t do either genre justice, as we didn’t experience too many laughs or chills.

the comedy is very situational and once the reveal about ruby ​​appears at the end of the first half, the horror angle disappears. this makes the narrative quite predictable. the same goes for farah khan’s cameo which lacks bite after the dub.

technical assistance:-

The production values ​​of the film are quite good and show the film in a rich way. Unsurprisingly for a movie starring Prabhu Deva, the choreography is well done. prabhu rocks it on the song chill maar which has guest appearances from amy jackson & sundaram raju. they’ve also made a non-dancer like sonu sood look good in the songs as well.

The cinematography effectively captures the mood of the film. Since the movie was shot in 3 languages, there are some glitches in the editing department with some of the reaction shots not synchronizing.


abhinetri is a very simple story that keeps you engaged (if not entertained) for its two hour run. if you ignore a few glitches here and there, it’s a watch-once movie. rating: 3/5

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