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Akhanda movie review

Video Akhanda movie review

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen balayya in a massive role. now he is back with boyapati’s akhanda. the film has been released today and let’s see how it goes.


murali krishna (balakrishna) is a well-known man of the people in the faction-ridden district of anantapur. Things get troublesome in his area when a mine owned by Varadarajulu (Srikanth) creates massive problems for the poor. murali krishna confronts varadarajulu but unfortunately he gets arrested. When thugs wreak more havoc on Murali Krishna’s family, Akhanda (Balakrishna as Aghora) steps in to save everyone. who is this akhanda? What is the bottom of it? and how he saves everyone is the story of akhanda.

positive points:

It’s been a long time since fans have seen balayya in a powerful avatar and much to their delight, boyapati sreenu is giving them a full meal by showcasing balayya in a never-before-seen avatar in a dual role.

balayya does his roles justice, but it’s akhanda’s character that fans are going to love the most. balayya as the aghora is on another level in the film. Whether it’s his screen presence, dialogue delivery, or intense gaze, Balayya is solid and impresses everyone.

one of the biggest assets of the movie is thaman’s bgm. if it wasn’t for thaman the movie wouldn’t have looked the way it did. thaman’s bgm for all the lifting episodes is amazing. Pragya Jaiswal gets a good role and makes the most of it. kalakeya prabhakar is also great as the ruthless cop.

last but not least, srikanth is fierce in the negative role. She surprises everyone with her presence on screen and gives Balayya a good fight. but her screen time is limited.

The first half is awesome and the way both balayya characters go on a rampage is just superb. the movie is full of various fan moments and the song, jai balayya is just the icing on the cake.

negative points:

as in all boyapati movies, there is not much story in akhanda. there are no basic twists and you know exactly what will happen next. the first half is quite long even though the fights are good.

akhanda’s problem lies in its second half. once the akhanda character makes his entrance, there is no strong opposition to him. balayya keeps killing the thugs and the point of novelty is lost big time. a proper villain elevation would have made things even better.

The emotional angle is also a bit lacking in the second half, as the family and mother angle is forced on the viewers. too many fights in this half is also a problem. although the fights are good, they do look repetitive after a point here.

technical aspects:

As stated above, Thaman has breathed life into the film with his work. special mention to the way of choreographing the fights. they provide several moments of adrenaline for the fans.

the dialogues are in the typical boyapati style and the way balayya expresses them is also excellent. the balayya dances, lyrics and costumes are also good. however, the film can easily be cut for at least ten minutes to crisp up.

As for director boyapati, he has lived up to the hype and given fans what they were missing. he wrote two powerful characters for balayya and displayed them magnificently. if he had had an even stronger point of conflict in the second half, the start would have been better. although he went overboard with logic and fights in his last movie, here he has dealt with those mistakes.


Overall, akhanda is a feast for the hardcore fans and balayya gives them ample moments to cherish with his dazzling performance. the story is boring and the violence in the second half is excessive. akhanda is a type of film that the class audience may have trouble with. But as it’s been a long time since a smash hit was released in theaters, the masses are sure to enjoy it as Akhanda fills himself with Balayya’s mass masala avatar like never before. rating: 3.25/5

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