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Review : Akshara – Strictly for second half |

Akshara telugu movie review

Nandita Swetha’s

akshara is generating quite a stir in film circles. Being directed by Chinni Krishna, the movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


akshara(nandita swetha) joins as a teacher at a renowned educational institution called vidya vidan college. As time passes, friendship blossoms between Akshara and her colleague Sri Teja (Sri Teja). One fine day, Teja decides to propose to Akshara, but as a major twist, she suddenly kills him. why did akshara kill sri teja? what is the main motive behind akshara to join as a teacher? to know that, you have to see the movie in theaters.

positive points:

nandita swetha’s performance in the given given role is good as she convincingly showed emotional. her performance during a crucial episode of the press meeting in the second half draws applause from the audience.

The central point of how the corporate education system is affecting children and pressuring them to obtain the top positions has been projected in a very emotional context. actors like sanjay swaroop, sri teja, satru along with some prominent artists performed their assigned roles in a decent manner.

The interval twist following some emotional episodes in the second half is perfectly executed without any deviation. actor rougha vardhan gets a meaty role that is crucial and an important backbone to the movie and he does it extremely well.

negative points:

Except for the interval twist, the entire first half doesn’t have much to talk about and was mostly wasted with some forced comedy and unwanted scenes set against the backdrop of the colony.

Although actors like satya, shakalaka shankar, madhu and ajay gosh gave a decent performance, due to the lack of depth in their roles, the scenes involving them fail to impress the audience.

some scenes, such as killing a police commissioner in a public jogging area, seem exaggerated and dilute the authenticity of the narrative.

technical aspects:

suresh bobbili’s music is good as his background score and sound mix in the second half add depth to the proceedings. the film’s cinematography work is decent. the editing is decent as the movie’s running time is locked at two hours and fifteen minutes. the production values ​​of this limited-budget movie are pretty good. the suits designed by gauri naidu are quite impressive and look elegant

Moving to the directing part, director Chinni Krishna is to be commended for tackling a hot topic as the main concept of the film. Although his part of the script and narration has some gaps, the director managed to execute the key point convincingly in the second half.


Overall, Akshara is a social drama dealing with the flaws in the contemporary corporate education system. if you ignore the boring and over-the-top first half, the proceedings of the second half elevate the soul of the film in an emotional way, making it a good watch this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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