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Anna telugu movie review

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anna-review Release date : 09 August 2013 Rating : 2.5/5 Director : A.L.Vijay Producer : Kasi Viswanadham Music Director : G V Prakash Kumar Starring : Vijay, Amala Paul..

Tamil Star Vijay has teamed up with director A.L.Vijay for the film ‘Anna’ .The story of the film is expected to be along the lines of Kamal Haasan’s ‘Nayakudu’. But can the film live up to the promise? Amala Paul is the heroine and Kasi Viswanadham is the producer. Let us see how the movie is.


vishwa (vijay) is an aspiring dancer based in australia. she runs a mineral water plant and earns well. but her true passion is dance and she works hard to be successful in that area. One day, she meets Meera (Amala Paul) and falls in love with her charms. She also manages to impress Meera’s father (Suresh).

suresh insists on meeting vishwa’s father and so they travel to the city of mumbai. vijay thinks his father is just a businessman. but he realizes that his father is a local strongman revered by thousands of poor people. he realizes that he is the son of anna (sathyaraj).

vijay’s world is in tatters. Fate conspires against him and he loses everything that is dear to him. in these circumstances, will he stand up for the people who depend on his family? Will he take Anna’s mantle? that’s what ‘anna’ is all about.

positive points:

vijay has put in a decent performance as a vishwa. amala paul has a key role in the movie and she looks pretty. Sathyaraj has a very good screen presence and has done justice to the role of Anna. in fact, the sathyaraj scenes are easily the best sequences in the film. veteran actor suresh has performed well.

The interval twist is good and the movie picks up momentum here. santhanam provides much-needed comic relief and his one-liners work most of the time. it has some nice lines, like “orey, vere vaadi auto ki nuvvu ayudha pooja cheyali anukovatam thappu ra”.

negative points:

The basic plot is similar to kamal haasan and mani ratnam’s “nayakudu”. except for the interval twist, the story progresses along the expected lines.

The treatment of the hero character could have been much better. vijay never really ascends from vishwa to anna in the film. the “hero-raising” aspect is sorely lacking and the director wasted many opportunities where this could easily have been achieved. for stories like this to work, viewers need to be emotionally drawn into them. a.l.vijay’s narrative fails to achieve this goal.

Except for santhanam’s one-liners, the movie’s entertainment quotient is zero. the running time of the film, which exceeds 3 hours, is a major negative point. viewers’ patience will be tested at times, especially in the second half.

there are many loopholes in the plot. it is no longer possible to delve into this point, as this would reveal the twists and turns of the story. the songs are a major negative point for the film. none of them manage to create an impact.

technical aspects:

nirav shah’s cinematography is decent. the editing is bad. many scenes could have been cut in the second half. g.v.prakash’s background score is not up to the mark. dialogues are fine.

a.l.vijay does not agree with this topic. a director with a good ‘crowd pulse’ would have done justice to this film.


‘anna’ is a disappointment. in fact, it is a wasted opportunity. With that kind of plot, the movie should have ended up as a solid commercial drama. but all it manages to do is drag and go. Box office prospects for this movie look pretty bleak in Andhra Pradesh. rating: 2.5/5

reviewed by mahesh s koneru

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