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Anthariksham Telugu Movie Review |

Anthariksham telugu movie review

sankalp reddy had a smash hit with ghazi on his debut. the talented filmmaker chose a space thriller as his second attempt. Titled Antariksham, this movie hit theaters today. scroll down to check if the movie manages to keep viewers engaged or not.


mihira, a non-functioning Indian satellite, is on its way to destroy the entire communication system of the world. now its creator, dev(varun tej) has no choice but to fix things by fixing the glitch.

can dev, along with his fellow astronauts (aditi rao, satyadev, raja chebolu) accomplish this mission? What are the complexities they face in the process? and where does paaru (lavanya) appear in the configuration? the answers to these questions form the rest of the film’s story.

positive points:

antariksham is definitely a daring attempt at tollywood as this genre hasn’t been explored in the past, at least on this scale. This space thriller stays true to theme and never strays.

varun tej gets a meaty role and builds up the intensity to match it. he puts his best efforts for this movie. aditi rao is good in a supporting role and gets emotional very well. Lavanya is seen in a very brief role but leaves an impact.

The graphics are really good and the images of space are almost real. the visual effects design has been perfectly executed and will definitely bring a new experience to the viewers.

negative points:

the main problem with antariksham is that it lacks the proper depth. most of the scenes related to technical problems in space have not been adequately addressed. a detailed explanation of the problems and a convincing script were required to make the audience believe.

The second half had a lot riding on it, but the drama is lost when it matters most. as a result, some key scenes were underwhelming.

varun tej disappears into outer space and comes back out of nowhere. A satellite traveling at 7,000 kmph docks with the International Space Station with pinpoint accuracy. scenes like these seem a bit over the top.

technical aspects:

antariksham bets a lot on special effects and the team delivered. the director, sankalp reddy gets the best possible result in this department. however, he should have concentrated more on the central plot than on visual grandeur. however, he made a decent attempt.

Background music and sheet music are adequate. the space suspense atmosphere has been carried well in the second half. the camera work is really good and gives an authentic feeling to the viewers.

A lot of effort has been put into the art department and they are very successful. have chosen all the correct physical properties to give a realistic configuration to the satellite.


The entire antariksham team has put in a lot of work and that is very evident on the big screen. The film has no commercial elements, but due to the director’s sheer imagination, this film will remain a good attempt at Tollywood. however, the overall execution isn’t that exciting and this makes the film somewhat enticing to watch this weekend. rating: 3/5

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