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Anukshanam telugu movie review

Video Anukshanam telugu movie review
Anukshanam_Movie_Review Release date : Sep 13, 2014 Rating : 3.25/5 Director : Ram Gopal Varma Producer : Twenty Four Frames Factory Starring : Vishnu Manchu, Revathi

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, has been churning out films one after the other. His latest presentation is the psycho thriller Anukshanam. Starring Manchu Vinshu and Revati in lead roles, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


A series of deadly murders take place in Hyderabad, and the police discover that a feared psycho killer is behind these murders. dcp gautam(vinshu) takes over the case and begins the hunt for the killer.

Because he doesn’t have much idea about these serial murders, he enlists the help of shailajaa(revathi), an investigation specialist on psycho killers. The rest of the story is how Gautam and Shailaja solve this case and catch the killer.

positive points:-

First of all, the concept of the film is quite interesting as it has hardly been used in Telugu films. Manchu Vishnu plays a role endorsed by the author with the utmost ease and conviction. he should be given credit for dropping the star image of him, and sticking with the movie script. he looks first class and carries the entire movie on his shoulders. His expressions in a particular scene with navdeep at the police station say a lot about his performance.

After a long interval, Revathi appears in an interesting role and brings a lot of faith to the film. Madhu Shalini and Tejaswi skillfully support the film with their cameos. the first half of the movie is quite interesting, and the way the whole story unfolds is also quite good.

Lastly, the surprise star of the film is surya, who played the role of a psychopath. she looks terrifying and suits the role of her very well. the way the young actor has played the part of him, and to terrible effect, is quite endearing. credit should also be given to rgv for showing it off quite convincingly.

negative points:-

The main drawbacks of this film are the basic gaps. there are a lot of logics missing in this movie. the scenes in the second half are just rushed to us and don’t have much clarity. how the psycho killer kills vishnu’s close aides has not been shown convincingly.

Another drawback of the film is the police angle that is shown in the film. Instead of showing the police fighting back and dealing with the key elements, RGV focuses more on the emotions behind the murders. movies like these should also be conducted with a lot of logic that was sometimes lacking here.

technical aspects:-

as in any rgv film, the technical aspects are quite good. the background score of the movie is brilliant and takes the movie to another level. the camera work is top notch and it shows the film in excellent light.

dialogs are crisp and so is the editing. the movie’s script is pretty promising except for the last 10 minutes, which are completely rushed. Coming to RGV, he picks an interesting thriller and tailors it nicely to Indian sensibilities. the way it shows the psycho killer and his emotions is pretty good, but it goes a bit overboard during the ending.


Overall, anukshanam is surely the best rgv movie in the recent past. The interesting setting, the daring storytelling, and Vishnu’s excellent performance are all big pluses. on the other hand, simple loops and a rushed climax spoil the fun to some extent. Finally, if you go in with no expectations and go in the mood of the movie, you will surely end up liking this decent psycho thriller. rating: 3.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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