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Rana Daggubati’s trilingual action-adventure drama Aranya finally opened in theaters today after being in the news for nearly 2 years. the shocking frog-as-a-woodsman avatar and the film’s forest backdrop have raised curiosity levels among audiences. let’s see if the movie managed to live up to expectations.


narendra bhupathi (rana daggubati) is a man in his fifties. he is born and grows up in the chilakalakona forest in vizag. He shares a strong bond with wild animals and believes that preserving the sanctity of the forest is crucial to the existence of animals and humans for generations to come.

a greedy and corrupt forest minister (ananth mahadevan) plans to build a 500 acre mega township in the middle of the forest. In the process, they built a 60km wall to prevent elephants from entering the project site to drink water. the rest of the story is about narendra bhupathi and the elephants’ struggle to survive and protect nature.

positive points:

rana is quite impressive as narendra bhupathi. Whether it’s because of his robust appearance, where he sports a thick and long bun and a slim physique, or his peculiar way of speaking and his aggressive and eccentric body language, Frog stood out as a character whose heart beats for wild animals and the forest.

A story rarely seen on the Indian big screen, stunning cinematography and sound design are the other highlights of this adventure packed drama. the tamil hero vishnu vishal is decent in the brief role of him. the message conveyed by the film is very relevant in these times.

negative points:

While the basic story is quite impressive, aranya suffers heavily from lackluster storytelling. Except for the main plot of a man saving the forest and the wild animals, the rest of the conflict has been dealt with in a generic and formulaic template. several scenes are illogical and too many cinematographic liberties are taken and this is not what one would expect from a film in this context.

it is understandable that aranya is a trilingual pan-Indian film. However, except for Rana and the comedian Raghu Babu, no other notable Telugu actor is seen in a leading role and even the dubbing for him was poor, resulting in a disappointing experience throughout the film. most actors are given template characterizations and end up giving less than impressive performances.

The film’s climax isn’t handled intelligently and convincingly, and the film’s main conflict is unbelievably resolved after Frog gives a long monologue. this makes you wonder if you’re watching a regular commercial show and not a sensible drama about deforestation and ecological balance.

technical aspects:

Writer/Director Prabu Solomon is to be commended for crafting a much-needed uplifting story. however, he unfortunately chose a routine template of the “helpless man facing powerful oppressors” formula to drive his narrative. this diluted the message he wanted to convey. in fact, if we replaced the forest with any city facing a similar conflict, it wouldn’t make much difference. the subplot involving the vishnu vishal character and the maoist girl (zoya) adds nothing to the story.

As we mentioned earlier, the cinematography and sound design are top notch. even the visual effects showing the rainforest are very realistic. however, proper care should have been taken to create the elephants using computer graphics.


Overall, aranya is a disappointing adventure drama that leaves you with mixed feelings. Except for the energetic frog performance and the impressive technical aspects, the film doesn’t have much to grab the audience and make them feel the turmoil that wild animals go through when greedy humans invade their habitat. You can watch this movie for a different experience, but keep your expectations low. rating: 2.75/5

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