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Arjun Suravaram Telugu Movie Review |

Arjun suravaram movie review

arjun suravaram is a movie that has been delayed for the last six months. It’s finally hit the screens today and let’s see what it’s like.


arjun suravaram(nikhil) is an investigative journalist who works for a channel called tv 99. he falls in love with his colleague(lavanya) and when everything seems to be going well, he is suddenly arrested in a fake certificate scam. arjun is released on bail and to his surprise he discovers that a big mafia is behind all this. the rest of the story is how arjun takes charge and solves the case.

positive points:

The topic of fake certification seems pretty relatable as it has become a hot topic these days. the way these scams are operated by the mafia and fake certificates are created and circulated has been well shown in the film.

compared to his previous films, there is a radical change in nikhil. Whether it’s her screen presence or her body language, Nikhil has worked hard on this film and it shows through her role. Nikhil looks impressive in all the fights and also plays his role as a journalist efficiently. Lavanya is also good in her supporting role and her chemistry with Nikhil is good.

vennela kishore gets a meaty role and she does it very well. not only does it evoke a good comedy, but in the end it was very good in the emotional outburst of it. nagineedu was good as an emotional father. the comedian satya was good in the small role of him.

The last 20 minutes of the first half are quite exciting and show some good emotions. the way fake certificates are made has also been shown to be effective. the social message in the film is also good. the bgm is quite effective and elevates the movie.

negative points:

late, the problem with many movies is the second half. the director finishes the first part well and loses control of the second. the same goes for this movie as the second half gets a bit boring. The movie takes forever to get into the main story and Nikhil’s solo song could have been left out to keep things interesting.

Some logic is missing and the hero has taken various liberties to solve the case which seems a bit over the top. after spending so much on the fake certificate scam, you’d think the climax would be special. It’s not that it’s bad but it’s involved in a rush and it looks abrupt.

technical aspects:

Even though the movie was long delayed, it looks fresh and has a good setting. the production values ​​of the film are top notch as the crime scenes look real. credit must go to the art direction department who have done a fabulous job. the music is below average.

referring to the director santosh, he has done a good job with the film. he has treated this remake on an interesting note and has made sure that there are not many dull moments. if he hadn’t wasted the first 15 minutes establishing the role of the hero, things would have been pretty effective. he should have handled the climax part well.


Overall, Arjun Suravaram is an engaging police thriller with a novel concept. the emotions displayed, the light-hearted narration, and Nikhil’s acting are core assets. the movie starts off on a very dull note but picks up once the main plot unravels. Nikhil’s long wait will surely pay dividends. If you ignore the slightly slow climax and some logic, this movie ends like clockwork this weekend. rating: 3.25/5

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