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Aswathama movie review

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ashwathama is a movie that needs to be clicked at all costs as naga shourya is going through a boring phase. the movie was released today and let’s see if it lives up to all the hype or not.


gana(naga shourya) returns to india for her sister’s engagement. just as she is going to perform the function, her sister tries to commit suicide. she wins saves her and surprisingly discovers that she is pregnant and the father of her child is unknown. a helpless shourya starts to investigate this case and finally catches the culprit. how he does all of this forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

naga shourya makes a great transformation from a loving boy to an action hero. his screen presence, body language and acting in fights and emotional scenes is very good. he looks macho in an action avatar and proves that he can carry an entire action movie on his shoulders. all the scenes of him with his sister are quite good.

mehreen doesn’t have much to do, but she plays a nice supporting role. the action episodes and interval blast are the highlights and set up the interval blast perfectly. prince was effective in his small role and so were other actors in the film.

the first half has moments of adrenaline and they have been handled quite well. One of the highlights of the film is Bengali actor Jisshu Sen Gupta. he is on another level and brings a terrifying effect to the proceedings. the way they incorporate it into the movie and the way jisshu acts is very good.

Special mention to the action choreography that hits the spot and has been well executed. bgm by ghibran is top notch and elevates the proceedings quite well. family emotions are decent.

negative points:

There is a lot of tension in the first half about who is behind the crime and this twist is revealed right after the interval. things could have dragged on a bit to keep the suspense intact. because of this, the rest of the movie becomes predictable.

also, after facing so much tension to find the villain in the first half, the hero finds him with only a small clue in the last fifteen minutes that seems a bit over the top.

The second half has good villain moments, but the confrontation between hero and villain just rushes the audience and things are over in a jiffy. some more investigation scenes and action episodes would have made things even more special.

technical aspects:

sri charan’s music is ok as some hit songs could have made things better. the camera work is quite impressive as the vizag, action sequences and investigation scenes have all been shown quite well.

the dialogues are good and so was the production design. the film has a rich feel to it as the filmmakers have not compromised on the making. naga shourya’s story is quite good as he has kept the logic intact and the script of him also has a good emotional angle.

Coming from director ramana teja, he makes a good debut and has put the film on a sensible note. the good part is that it didn’t deviate too much with the story line. If he had handled the film well in the second half with sharp narration, things could have been quite impressive.


Overall, Ashwathama is an emotional thriller with a riveting first half. Naga Shourya leads from the front and is excellent in his action avatar. but the movie bogs down in the second half with predictable scenes and a rushed climax. however, that doesn’t mean the movie gets boring. it has some well-packaged thrills and ends up being a decent watch this weekend. rating: 3/5

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