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Atom movie app review

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Movie ticket apps allow you to skip the worst parts of going to the movies (looking up movies, waiting in line to buy tickets and snacks) and jump straight to enjoying the best part (the movie itself, duh!).

While some people might argue that this process was part of the fun, the rest of us were pretty excited when ticketing apps stepped in and streamlined the process. Now, you can buy luxury movie tickets with reserved seats for you and your friends for a Saturday night movie without even getting out of bed.

a (very) brief history of movie ticket apps

Several attempts over the years tried to create the best movie ticket app, but it was a failed effort for most who bothered. new novel ideas like moviepass tried and ultimately failed. the old cornerstones of movie information like moviefone are no longer thriving. and, most of the other notable properties were eventually absorbed by larger fish like the fandango. In fact, the only other company that has actually been able to create a movie ticketing app and still be successful is Atom. together, atom and fandango are the reigning binary stars of the movie ticket app world.

although atom and fandango are similar in what they do, they each have a feature or two that will make them appealing to different people. So, if you’re deciding which movie ticket app to use, think about the little extras you can’t live without, like loyalty programs, early-bird concessions, and special event tickets for third-party screenings (like Studio Ghibli Fest). 2019, which is one of many events organized by fathom events). Regardless of what you’re hoping to get out of your movie experience, using one of these apps is the best way to skip the lines and enjoy the latest blockbusters.

best for post sharing: atom

Atom App Pages


Atom (Free) is a well-rounded app. In addition to all of the features it offers, the user interface is beautiful and a pleasure to navigate. Current and upcoming movies are easy to see with large thumbnails, and you can easily scroll through the options and either watch trailers or purchase tickets. You can scroll or navigate through the menu to see upcoming movies, look for nearby theaters (or theaters anywhere), read the latest movie news and reviews, and see special events in your area. Trailers are also available for current and upcoming movies within the app.

atom has a cool feature where, for certain theaters, you can buy your soda and popcorn ahead of time, allowing you to skip the long concession lines and simply pick up your snacks as you walk into the movie. some theaters will even deliver your snack order right to your seat (as long as you arrive a little early, before the lights go out).

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The app boasts over 95 theater partners, so it should be easy to find a participating theater near you, and it accepts a variety of payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and others. While Atom doesn’t offer any sort of VIP benefits themselves (like Fandango does), you can connect any existing theater-specific loyalty programs you have to the app—a nice bonus that further streamlines your moviegoing experience.

atom digital tickets are qr codes and can be accessed in two ways: within the app in the profile tab or via text message. And if you bought a bunch of tickets for yourself and your friends, Atom lets you share individual tickets with them through the app. this is great if you’re meeting friends at the theater but don’t want them waiting to get in. you can cancel a ticket purchase up to 30 minutes before the show starts, which is a good option to have in case your plans fall through.

Overall, atom is a solid application. It offers all the features you would expect an app like this to have, and makes it easy to access them through its beautiful interface. the app is great for both casual moviegoers and enthusiasts.

best for loyalty rewards programs: fandango

Fandango App Pages


Fandango (Free) works much the same as Atom in that you can easily view movies that are out in theaters, and look at local theaters to see when their showtimes are, all on the app’s Spotlight homepage. The navigation bar at the bottom has other tabs you can look at as well: movies, theaters, trailers, and your account. The Movies page lets you peruse movie options according to when they are out with categories like “In Theaters,” “This Weekend,” and “Coming Soon.”

From the theaters page, you can enter any zip code and view nearby theaters. If you frequent a specific theater, you can even set it as your favorite, making future searches a breeze. Don’t you have a particular movie in mind? without worries. Watch trailers to your heart’s content on the trailers page or any individual movie’s page (where you can also see related videos and cast information).

By far the biggest advantage Fandango has over Atom is that it not only allows you to connect your existing movie theater loyalty programs to the app, but also offers its own reward for loyal VIP users. you earn 125 points for every movie ticket you buy, and when you earn 500, that turns into a $5 reward that you can use for a future ticket. fandango allows you to cancel the purchase of tickets until the presentation, while atom gives you a limit of 30 minutes before.

Fandango images


You can pay for tickets in a variety of ways, including credit cards and Venmo. Your purchased tickets are available to see within the app under the Account tab. Sharing ticket information is Fandango’s only substantial weakness. Where Atom lets you share tickets with other Atom users within the app, Fandango doesn’t have that feature. It only lets you send an email alerting whoever you wish that you bought tickets, but it doesn’t share the QR code or anything helpful. Multiple tickets are bundled under a single QR code, so everyone will have to go in together.

Otherwise, fandango is a great app, especially if loyalty rewards are what matter most to you. The app is easy to use (albeit with minor lags and glitches at times) and makes it easy to watch trailers, find theaters, and buy movie tickets on the go.

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