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movie: beeruva rating: 2/5 banner: usha kiran movies, anandi art creations cast: sandep kishan, surabhi, naresh, saptagiri, ajay, mukesh rushi et al editor: gowtham raju cinematography: chota k naidu music: s s thaman producer: ramoji rao story, script and direction: kanmani release date: January 23, 2015

A title like beeruva will surely generate some expectations among moviegoers. but if someone ventures into theaters hoping to see an interesting artist, then it is bound to dampen his spirits. laugh out loud aside, you almost feel as breathless as if you were locked in an almirah from the first moment. Let’s see what it’s all about…

story: the film begins with a lady who buys a fully furnished apartment. and behold, when she opens the ‘beeruva’, sanju (sandeep kishan) falls out. Sanju then explains how she ended up in the Almirah. so the story goes that sanju falls in love with the daughter swati (surabhi) of adikesava (mukesh rishi) based on vijayawada. when her father (naresh) has a problem, he tells her to go to adikesava. as expected, he solves the problem for him, but sanju returns to swathi. And so the chase begins. Now to the big questions. How did she land her in ‘beeruva’? Will she win her back her love?

Performances of Artists: Sandeep Kishan is his usual energetic self. As an actor, the film doesn’t push his limits and does full justice to the character of the boy next door. in fact, he had already played similar roles in other movies.

surabhi is not great when it comes to appearance and so is its performance.

naresh, who ends up in the villain’s house because of his son, plays his role well. As the frightened father, he plays his part convincingly and elicits laughs.

shakalaka shankar also provides comic relief with his srikakulam accent.

for mukesh rishi, these roles are quite common. As for saptagiri, it’s getting too repetitive. we hope you will try to free yourself from stereotypes.

Technical Excellence: The technical team has quite a few issues and this has added to the richness of the film. for starters, there’s sandeep’s uncle and cinematographer chota k naidu manning the camera. so even though it’s a cheap movie, it’s visually appealing.

thaman has provided the music and I must say it’s an average album.

Although the runtime is not very long, you still feel that some scenes have been stretched a bit and the editor could have been more generous in cutting some scenes.

but the art department has done a good job and their work is noteworthy. in short, no errors can be found in terms of production values. Plus, no director is going to get a better team on such a limited budget.

As for director kanmani, he disappoints all those who expected to see something exciting come out of beeruva. instead, ‘beeruva’ is not actually used in the script. this is a simple love story with some doses of comedy. now, that will not generate any curiosity among the audiences. so, he seems to have thought of having ‘beeruva’ as a prop to generate curiosity. So while some comedy scenes are fun, Kanmani has failed as a director. as the public’s interest in beer wanes, all they do is anxiously wait for the end credits.


  • cinematography
  • production design
  • naresh, shanker comedy


  • beeruva concept
  • routine love story
  • uninteresting comedy

Analysis: Well, when you tell a young child a story, he will stop in the middle and insist that you tell him a different story if he finds it boring. after seeing beeruva, one wonders why no one in the unit warned the director not to do it.

from an animated ‘beeruva’ featured in the opening shot, the film just slides down. then, you are told that the hero who sulks and sits on the ‘beeruva’ after his father scolds him ends up befriending her. it sits there, eats there, studies there, and even sleeps in it as it grows.

And if you thought that was crazy, here’s the element of surprise. At least, that’s how we’d like to see it. the hero who completes his mba tells his parents that he will enter the ‘beeruva’ for some time. now for the director to think of them as time goes by is one thing and for him to convince ramoji rao, chota k naidu and thaman to be a part of this project is really amazing. one has to salute kanmani and the writer for pulling it off and releasing their movie.

The stupid comedy doesn’t stop there. the hero gets on the ‘beeruva’ and is taken to hyderabad when he is chased by the goondas and when he wants to go back he once again gets on the almirah because he feels it is not safe to go by bus or train. /p>

so instead of being a fun time-passing movie, it leaves you amazed that the makers could actually believe such a movie would draw audiences to the theater. instead, they could have at least tried a ‘tom and jerry’ format to keep the audience in a good mood. instead, the movie is full of stupid and dumb scenes that will make you go without.

if you are drawn to cinemas after watching ushakiran movies and aanandi arts banners and feel that beeruva is an interesting title then stop there. otherwise, you’ll end up feeling suffocated trying to figure out what’s in this ‘beeruva’.

conclusion: oh my god!

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