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Bethaludu telugu movie review

vijay anthony has become a huge sensation after the success of his latest film bichagadu. he now he is back with his new movie bhetaludu which has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


dinesh(vijay anthony) is a senior software engineer leading a happy life with his wife aishwarya(arundhati nair). The twist in the story comes when Dinesh begins to hear strange voices in his brain asking him to kill himself.

Things get so serious that dinesh’s life is turned upside down and he is committed to a psychiatric hospital. There, during his treatment, the doctors discover that he suffers from a problem related to his ancestral past.

what is that problem? what does it have to do with the current life of dinesh? and how does dinesh manage to get out of this difficult situation? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

The story of bhetaludu is quite new. the way things run with vijay anthony and his past is pretty good. once again, vijay does very well in his role. Throughout the movie, he shows some stunning emotions and is amazing as the man who suffers from mental disorders.

The first half of the movie is super gripping and suspenseful. You never know what turn the movie will find itself in, as the director narrates the proceedings in a rather innovative and interesting way.

The heroine Arundhati Nair is fascinating as the female lead. her role is very strong and she has done an amazing job. Vijay Anthony’s background score takes the film to another level.

negative points:-

bhetaludu is very exciting until the first fifteen minutes of the second half. but when the real reason why all these strange things happen are shown, things go awry. the film loses steam and becomes a bit slow. There is not much horror in the film and all those who think that bhethaludu will have horror elements may be disappointed.

at least a significant portion of the audience may be put off by the way things end. the climax of the movie is also a bit jaded and drags on for no reason. too many cinematic liberties have been taken that will raise too many questions in the minds of the audience.

technical aspects:-

vijay anthony’s production values ​​are top notch. the chosen places and the configuration that the old town presents in the first half have been exhibited quite well. the music is very decent and as said before vijay anthony’s background score is very good. dialogue is sharp and so was the camera work.

as for the director pradeep, he has done a good job with the film. His script deserves a special mention during the first half as many scenes with different twists and turns are intertwined. however, he forgets things during the last part and makes the movie predictable and slow. it’s a stuck 20-20 situation where a particular section may like what’s being shown depending on the flow of the movie. but at the same time, it may disappoint many who are expecting something very interesting after all the suspenseful proceedings.


Overall, bhetaludu is a movie that has some very exciting moments. the plot and execution are quite new and keep things interesting throughout the first half. however, a slow and slightly exaggerated climax can spoil the fun altogether. If you are tired of the regular masala artists that are produced every week, you can easily give this movie a try which is a bit different and ends up as a time pass to watch this weekend. rating: 3/5

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