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Review : Bhadram – Good Murder Mystery |

bhadram Release date : 21 March 2014 Rating :3.25/5 Director : Ramesh Producer : Good Friends Music Director :Nivas K Prasanna Starring : Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer

The Tamil film ‘Thegidi’ is coming in to AP as ‘Bhadram’ and the movie is set for a theatrical release this Friday. We have been to an exclusive premiere show and we are now bringing the review for you. Ashok and Janani Iyer have essayed the lead roles in this movie. Let us check out the film now.


venu (ashok selvan) is a very good criminology student who is encouraged by his professor to pursue a career as a field agent/detective. He receives a lucrative job offer from a Hyderabad-based detective agency and immediately accepts the job.

For his first assignments, he investigates the life of a construction engineer, a software professional, and a corporate employee. With her clever skills and patient approach, Venu accomplishes all of his goals. he is then given the responsibility of tracking down a girl named madhu (janani iyer).

venu falls in love with madhu and he tries to befriend her. After some apprehension, Madhu also reciprocates her love and a beautiful relationship begins. but their romance is short-lived when she begins a series of murders. all of venu’s targets end up being killed in cold blood and venu begins to suspect a conspiracy.

He tries to get closer to his employers, but realizes he has no one to trust. Venu must race against time to catch the assassins and must convince Inspector Raghuram (Jayaprakash) to help him in the matter.

how he manages to catch the culprits is the story.

positive points:

ashok selvan has given a solid performance in the movie as venu. she looks smart and believable in her role. Jayaprakash and Kaali are very effective in their respective roles and are a huge asset to this movie.

The first half of the movie starts off slow, but picks up a lot of momentum towards the interval. once the murders start to happen, the movie picks up a good pace. a short running time is also a good advantage for the movie.

the movie has a unique story and some of the twists are really good. the presence of some very convincing elements such as the modus operandi, etc. they make the movie quite realistic and intense.

the songs are excellent and they really bring out the romantic angle between ashok and janani.

negative points:

The heroine is a big drawback for this movie. Janani Iyer doesn’t have the glamour. perhaps a more conventionally beautiful heroine would have helped the film considerably. she also has a very marginal presence in the film.

This is a very “classy” movie and it may not have a hot streak in centers b and c. Traditionally entertaining elements like comedy and “dough masala” have no place in the film, so not everyone will like it.

After a big takeoff, the film fizzles as it nears its climax. even a sixth grader will be able to predict the climax of this movie, in its current form.

technical aspects:

The true hero of the technical team is Nivas. his music and background score take the movie to another level. it is particularly effective during scenes where twists are revealed. editing is decent, but could have been better in the first half.

ramesh has done a good job with the management and should be appreciated for his efforts. this is not an easy movie to handle.


‘bhadram’ is a good murder mystery and will be an enjoyable family thriller. good music, good visuals and effective performances by ashok and jayaprakash are big pluses for the film. a slightly slow second half and a predictable climax are notable problems. you can watch this movie for sure to live a different experience. rating: 3.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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