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Bhanumathi ramakrishna movie review

Video Bhanumathi ramakrishna movie review

Continuing the trend of low budget films being released on OTT platforms, the latest to hit screens is Bhamumathi Rama Krishna. The film will premiere on July 3 at AHA and we were able to see a special screening. let’s see how it is.


bhanumathi (salony luthra) is a 30-year-old software engineer who is a bit confused with her emotions and leads a mechanical life. she has a bad breakup and is upset by the fact that her boyfriend has left her because of her age. During this difficult phase, a small town boy named Rama Krishna (Naveen Chandra) joins in as her assistant. Bhanumathi is further annoyed by Rama Krishna’s behavior, but as time goes on, she falls in love with him. how two people with different backgrounds and ideologies fall in love is the whole story of the movie.

positive points:

The feel-good factor in the film is very well executed, and through the storytelling, there is hardly any dull aspect to the film. the situations, how love develops between a single leading couple, the conversations, all this is shown in a very realistic way. on top of this, the relaxing bgm and music keep things effective.

The movie is mostly told from the heroine’s point of view and Salony Luthra is just amazing as Bhanumathi. the way a 30-year-old woman gets frustrated with her breakup, how she develops a love for a small-town boy and shows mixed emotions, salony has done it superbly. she looks quite strict in character herself, but she is quite adorable and is a gorgeous find.

but the man who steals the show is naveen chandra. once again he proves what an excellent actor he is. with aravinda sametha he showed the cheeky side of him and now in bhanumathi, he is as cute as a small town boy. his body language, delivery of dialogue and innocence in his eyes, naveen has portrayed him beautifully showing how underrated the actor is.

Romantic situations between the couple are realistic and not forced. simple conversations, day-to-day activities in which the main couple begins to like each other are shown very well. Rougha Chemudu is very good at his comedic role and many singles can identify with her character.


Although the movie’s length of an hour and a half is perfect, after watching the movie, you get the feeling that the romance should have gone on longer. plus, the conflict point should have been even more effective.

As said before, the film is shown more from the side of the heroine. there are many scenes showing the heroine falling in love with the hero, but the director should also have added scenes to show the heroine’s feelings towards the heroine. this thread should have been exploited more and since this is not well done, the ending looks a bit forced.

technical aspects:

shravan bhardwaj’s music is good, but the background score is excellent. The production values ​​of the film are amazing and the camera work showcases Hyderabad and its urban surroundings in a superb way. the dialogues are quite simple but very effective. ravikanth perepu’s edit is quite effective. the lyrics and production design are quite balanced.

as for the director srikanth noagothi, he has done a good job with the film. although his story is quite simple, the young director has a good handle on sensibilities. he doesn’t sugarcoat any aspect just for the commercial angle and shows the life of the main couple how things happen naturally in real life. this is the best part of the movie as the romance is not forced and makes up for the endearing visuals.


Overall, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna is a realistic romantic comedy that is perfect for the OTT platform. it has some great characters and natural romance. Barring the routine story, some well-executed thrills, good music, and upbeat comedy, make this movie an endearing look during this lockdown. cheer up. rating: 3.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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