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Bhimavaram bullodu movie review

Video Bhimavaram bullodu movie review
Bheemavaram_Bullodu Release date : 27 February 2014 Rating : 2.5/5 Director : Uday Shankar Producer : Suresh Babu Music Director : Anoop Rubens Starring : Sunil, Ester Noronha

Sunil’s ‘Bheemavaram Bullodu’ has released today across the state. The movie has been directed by Uday Shankar and Suresh Babu has produced the film. Anoop Rubens has composed the music and Esther is the heroine. Sunil has a lot of expectations on this movie, so let us check it out.


rambabu (sunil) is a simple type of bheemavaram. bheemavaram people have a feeling. they believe that if rambabu is invited to a marriage alliance and he likes the girl, that girl will end up getting married in a really nice home. rambabu makes a lot of money getting girls to like him this way.

one fine day, rambabu discovers that he has a brain tumor. With only 10 days to live, Rambabu decides to commit himself to a good cause. Buoyed by a utter lack of fear, Rambabu decides to fight Hyderabad’s thugs with single-minded devotion. He teams up with his brother Posani (Posani Krishna Murali), who is a policeman, and fights the bad guys.

rambabu makes many enemies this way, but he also discovers that his work is helping thousands of people. Along the way, he falls in love with a girl named Nandini (Esther) but he is afraid to express her feelings since he only has a few days to live.

Just when he thinks he’s about to die, Rambabu finds out he doesn’t have a brain tumor. the fear of life returns to him and now he is afraid of goondas and troublemakers. he also desperately wants to marry nandini.

what happens to rambabu? Will you succeed in your goals? that is the story of bheemavaram bullodu.

positive points:

sunil has tried to entertain viewers with his comedic style, dialogues and emotions. she has done a good job in the action sequences. Esther looks decent and has the potential to become a successful mid-budget actress. posani krishna murali entertains viewers in a brief but important role.

sreenivasa reddy, jayaprakash reddy and thagubothu ramesh manage to get some laughs in the second half. shayaji shinde is fine. raghu babu and raghu karumanchi have very routine roles but they did well.

some comedy scenes are okay.

negative points:

This is a very old and obsolete plot. maybe this movie would have worked in the early 80’s. the treatment of the movie is very loud, cheap and cliche. most of the scenes seem very forced and familiar.

there are too many fights in the film and for an actor like sunil, such serious action episodes seem out of place. you can never imagine a person like sunil in fights fit for heroes like pawan kalyan or jr ntr.

music is a big drawback for this movie. none of the songs work and their location is a huge hassle. Sunil looks very strange in the film, with a gaunt face and a yellowish tinge to his makeup. he urgently needs to gain weight.

The length of the movie is also a problem. this is a movie that should have stayed well under the 2 hour and 15 minute mark. instead, it extends beyond the 2 hour and 30 minute mark.

technical aspects:

the cinematography is fine. the editing is quite choppy and there is no smooth flow to the film. Anoop Rubens disappoints with both the music and the background score. sreedhar seepana’s dialogues are not strong enough.

uday shankar disappoints as a director with his handling of the film. the graphic of the movie stays flat throughout the runtime and the viewers never really get excited. despite the presence of so many comedians, the entertainment quotient is very average.


despite sticking to a tried and tested formula, ‘bheemavaram bullodu’ is a movie that doesn’t work. the film treatment is very bad and the look of sunil is less than satisfactory. a long runtime, low entertainment levels, and an outdated story make things even worse. some comedy scenes in the second half are the only redeeming factors. rating: 2.5/5

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