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Black money telugu movie review

Video Black money telugu movie review

Continuing the trend of dubbing Malayalam movies in Telugu, another movie that has been released now is Mohan Lal Starrer Black Money. let’s see how it is.


venu(mohan lal) is a renowned journalist feared by all political circles. One fine day, he is asked to solve a corruption case together with his journalist colleague Renu (Amala Paul). after making a meticulous plan, both reporters manage to capture some crucial images of a big political wig. Just when things seem to be going well, Renu suddenly leaves Venu and broadcasts the footage on a rival channel.

The twist in the story comes when the powerful minister involved decides to go after these two journalists. the rest of the story is how venu manages to get out of this sticky situation and also sends the culprits behind bars.

positive points:-

Mohan Lal is perfectly suited to the lead role. her acting during the investigation scenes is top notch. the way he carries the movie through the second half with his sincere acting is good too.

amala paul is also decent in his role. Although the pairing of her with Mohan Lal seems a bit strange, she does a good job in a role that has negative undertones. interval explosion and the last half hour of the first half is very interesting.

The way the media operates and how rival channels struggle to survive has been shown very well. the arguments between mohan lal and amala paul during the second half look interesting.

negative points:-

after a nice interval blast and the first fifteen minutes to the second half, things get pretty tedious for the audience. the way mohan lal and amala paul hide from the police and the scenes that come up during this time distort the movie a bit.

The film’s background score is quite loud and irritates you in many places. the proceedings seem out of place due to this dullness in the background score. there are certain scenes that lack logic and enter without reason. Since the film has serious procedures, all those who are looking for pure entertainment may be disappointed.

technical aspects:-

The film has too much Malayalam flavor and this may put off some viewers. as said before the background score is too loud and so were the songs. the Telugu dub is pretty decent, as are the production values. the editing is fine as few scenes during the second half could easily have been cut. the camera work is clean and convincingly shows the serious nature of the film.

as for the director joshiy, he has done a good job with the film. the topic he has chosen is interesting and successful most of the time. but he unnecessarily drags the film during the second half and leaves it out to some extent.


Overall, black money is a movie that has a very interesting premise. the cat and mouse game of TV channels and the light-hearted first half are nice bonuses. but the second half is a bit capricious and spoils the interesting proceedings. all those who like investigative thrillers and don’t care about the serious nature of the movie, can give this movie a try. the rest can see it when it is broadcast on television. rating: 2.75/5

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