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Bluff Master Telugu Movie Review |

Bluff master telugu movie review

Video Bluff master telugu movie review

satya dev’s, bluff master has been promoted quite aggressively amongst this week’s releases. Directed by Gopi Ganesh, the film has hit the screens today. let’s see if it impresses us or not.


utham kumar(satyaev) is a clever scammer who pulls off high-profile scams by taking advantage of public beliefs. In the process, he meets Avani (Nanditha Swetha), a good-hearted and dignified girl, and falls in love with her. Moving forward, Utham crosses paths with a feared criminal played by Adithya Menon and arranges a deal for a never-before-heard scam to settle in life. The rest of the story is how Utham successfully completes the deal and what role Avani and her sincere family values ​​play in this whole setup.

positive points:

the hero satyadev is perfect in the role of a con artist. his screen presence is good and satya’s acting is impressive in some manipulated crime scenes. Mainly, the dialogue delivery from him is an added bonus and it’s good to see satya getting such author-endorsed roles in his career.

heroine nanditha swetha is good in the role she was given as a good-hearted girl and her performance in an emotional scene during the climax is very nice. all the scenes between the main couple in the second part have turned out well.

adithya menon and her gang are believable as the cruel man and do their part decently. comedian prudhvi elicits decent laughs during the first half. the climax part is executed very well.

adithya menon and her gang are believable as the cruel man and they did their part decently. Comedian Prudhvi elicits decent laughs during the first half of the film. the climax part is executed very well.

negative points:

The first fifteen minutes of the movie strike off on a flat note with the same kind of bakara comedy. Although the movie is about manipulating the public, some episodes like the con man who plunders millions of public money gets out of jail just like that. all these scenes are not convincing enough.

The pace of the movie slows down at regular intervals in the second half with some normal and not so exciting scenes. the lack of proper regular commercial elements can also be termed as the film’s disadvantages.

technical aspects:

director gopi ganesh succeeds to some extent in adopting the tamil sathuranga vettai film to the telugu nativity. The script and narration of him during the crucial blocks of the crime are engaging.

editing is decent as the movie runtime is within limits. the cinematography is good as the mood of the film is captured well with appropriate visuals. the music is ok as two montage songs with the main couple are good. the background score impresses in parts. production values ​​are good for this low-budget movie.


Overall, Bluff Master is the story of a swindler who impresses to a degree with his passable storytelling. the hero satyadev leads from the front and makes the con man role of him quite interesting in the movie. however, the proceedings lack the proper commercial format and certain mundane scenes hamper the flow of the film, which will have limited box office appeal. rating: 3/5

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