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Brand babu movie review

Video Brand babu movie review

Starring sumanth shailendra and eesha rebba in the lead roles, brand babu is set for release tomorrow. We have been to a special screening of the film today. let’s see if the babu brand manages to impress the viewers.


diamond babu(sumanth shailendra), who is the only son of a rich businessman(murali sharma) is obsessed with luxury brands. he decides to find a partner who has a similar mindset. in that process, he falls in love with the daughter of the interior minister (poojitha ponnada).

During the same time, a maid (eesha rebba) in the home minister’s house thinks that Babu is in love with her and begins to live in her own imaginary world. After a key twist in the story, Babu realizes that he is actually in love with the servant girl. Will he be able to get over his obsession with marks and confess his true love? What are the problems he faces in the process? he watches the movie on the big screen to find out the answers to these questions.

positive points:

The male lead, Sumanth Shailendra, looks good on screen and puts in a decent performance in his debut film. he does well in the role of a stone-hearted person who puts his obsession over human emotions. sumanth is well supported by eesha rebba who put in a stable performance in the role of a lower middle class person. her ease of acting is a great advantage for the film.

poojitha ponnada, who played the second violin role, looks really beautiful and puts her acting skills to good use in light-hearted episodes. murali sharma, as she usually does, entertains the viewers with her lively and natural performance. her comedic timing is right on point and provides some much-needed relief to viewers in the episode leading up to the climax.

The theme of the film has a lot of scope for tummy-tickling comedy and we can clearly see the maruti brand in the central plot of the film. The movie starts off on an interesting note, as the hero’s obsession with brands is an amazing concept that holds viewers’ attention for a while.

negative points:

The story deserved better treatment, as these kinds of stories need proper attention and detail to strike a chord with the audience. the director goes for the comedy quotient of the script and leaves the emotions up in the air. As a result, the film lacks an emotional connection, making most of the familiar scenes seem fake and unattractive.

The film picks up a decent boost after a key interval plot twist and that sets up a solid platform for a fun-filled second half. however, things take a depressing turn in the second half when the offbeat comedy tests viewers’ patience. a couple of silly episodes that have no real connection to the plot destroy the pacing of the movie.

In most cases, the logic disappears and many scenes seem undercooked for the same reason. also, the comedy sequences between the members of the hero’s family are not so convincing.

technical aspects:

the director, prabhakar, chose a winning story that could have worked wonders had it been executed correctly on screen. however, he spoils it with his unconventional approach and half-baked script.

The casting department has done a poor job as the supporting cast does not achieve what is expected of them. this affects the authenticity of the proceedings as viewers cannot connect with the characters.

The music director, jb, did a decent job as two songs from the movie have replay value. his background score is attractive and adds a decent vibe to quite a few scenes. the production values ​​of the film are really good as each frame looks rich and vibrant.


Overall, the babu brand has a good story, but it doesn’t get the treatment and storytelling it deserves. the characterization of the hero looks interesting and offers some fun in the initial stages. however, the director loses track in the second half and this is where things spiral out of control. If all he wants is a unique concept and intriguing hero characterization, he can give this movie a shot, but others may look for a better option this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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