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this time broly can show a variety of emotions, express opinions and can even speak full sentences instead of the variety of growls he was restricted to in previous movies (which voice actor vic mignogna must be deeply grateful for ). The story of Broly’s offbeat “friend” on planet Vampa and the backstory behind his fur is honestly kind of heartbreaking. Also to the movie credit, Dragon Ball Super: Broly knows which elements of the previous Broly trilogy to keep here and where to start again. The obedience shock collar that Paragus uses to keep his son at bay is not unlike the ring and crown system of Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. however, this time broly’s holding device leaves the image much sooner and in much better context. overall, the film learns from the mistakes of its predecessors.

After the movie establishes the story of Broly and his father, he jumps to the present and prepares to light the fuse on this powder keg. Cheelai and Lemo, two of the last generation of Roach soldiers to have survived the current iteration of the Frieza Force, make an unexpected stop on the planet Vampa and encounter the considerably displaced Broly and Paragus. The warriors lead the thought-dead Saiyans into the clutches of Frieza and the malevolent villain embarks on his next big plan. Frieza is able to illustrate just how tricky a mastermind can be and there’s one particularly vicious moment where he tests the true limits of Broly’s powers. he brilliantly pits all these saiyans against each other to do his job for him and his appearances here reinstate just how scary and menacing this villain can be.

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goku’s naivety towards frieza, believing that the villain will behave and honor some kind of gentleman’s agreement since the saiyan helped frieza get his life back, is a bit frustrating. of course betrayal is on the menu! this is frieze. Goku sees nothing wrong with trusting Frieza, but luckily Vegeta has better common sense and springs into action. Goku, Vegeta, and company ambush Frieza before he can acquire the final Dragon Ball required for his plan. It’s at this point that the film’s various revenge missions come together and the film can adopt its bombastic action tendencies for its final third.

Broly is a satisfying challenge for both Vegeta and Goku and provides a visceral level of combat that hasn’t been seen in the series for some time. Both of the show’s heroes do well against the new threat, but Vegeta, in particular, can kick all kinds of ass and show off a lot of tricks that he hasn’t had a chance to pull off before in the anime. when there seems to be no way for goku and vegeta to defeat broly, the movie brings out its main piece which has been heavily hyped through the movie’s promotional materials. In a moment of real desperation, Goku pulls himself and Vegeta out of the battle so he can draw on the massive boost of power that fusion provides.

dragon ball super: broly knows how much his fans love gogeta and that there are almost as many expectations behind gogeta as there are for broly. the film makes a meal of the fusion sequence and doesn’t shy away from the tricky learning curve of technique and that the process can sometimes be riddled with imperfections. it basically takes everything that fusion reborn did with the character, but makes it better. the superpowered character is the perfect climax to an already exciting movie. Throughout the trial and error section of the fusion process, Frieza successfully holds the fort and engages in an aggressive fight against Broly. it’s an effective way to add some variety to the movie’s battle scenes, as well as a way to not miss any of the action during the more comical fusion training sequence.

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