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BucchiNaidu Kandriga Telugu Movie Review |

Buchinaidu kandriga movie review

Video Buchinaidu kandriga movie review

so, continuing the series of reviews of movies and shows during the lockdown period, our pick for today is Telugu bucchinaidu kandriga. the movie is available on aha and let’s see how it goes.


The film is set in the small town of Buchinaidu Kandriga, Chittoor district. The film is a period drama and shows the love of Balu (Munna) and Swanna (Drishika Chander). Balu has been in love with Swapna since he was very young. after a while even swapna falls in love with him and the pair elope surprising their parents. This does not go down well with Swapna’s father, Veeraswamy (Ravi Varma), who is strictly against this match. what he does and what happens to the couple in the course of time is the whole story of the movie.

positive points:

tv actor, ravi varma, who plays the heroine’s father, is the best of all in the movie. he is superb as the aggressive father and brings a lot of depth to the film. it’s good to see such underrated actors get such great roles. the drishika heroine is also tidy in his role and doing well in the last half hour. she’s perfect with her emotions and it’s awesome.

hero munna is neat in his role and shows good variation across different age groups. his performance at the climax is quite impressive. the care of kancharapalem subba rao fame is amazing as the father of the hero. the way the track of him is shown throughout the film generates good emotions.

less points:

One of the biggest drawbacks of the movie is the story. is a routine and outdated story that you have seen in many movies. a boy who falls in love with a rich girl, her father opposes, this has already been done and dusted in so many movies and this movie shows the same. Except for the last twist and the slightly interesting last 10 minutes of the movie, the rest of the movie is very slow and has nothing new to offer.

The principal takes a lot of time to show the love of the students and this makes things slow and boring. As he has wasted too much time just to show the love of the hero, he has no time to show the true love of the girl and how she falls in love with him. the pair bond in just two scenes, and the film cuts to the main plot. the thugs from the local town, the search operation and the way the couple hides and gets married, all this is very boring and tests your patience.

technical aspects:

The film is quite solid from a technical point of view. the production values, the town setting, and the production design are top notch on the film. maahiramsh music is amazing and has relaxing melodies. the way all the songs were filmed looks good too. editing is boring since the first hour has to be trimmed at once.

as for the director krishna, his shots, casting and extraction of performances from his cast are good. he has a decent talent and draws good emotions too. but the story he has chosen and the way he unravels the whole process is painfully slow and nothing new.


Overall, bucchi naidu kandriga is a village drama that is very routine, slow, and predictable. the premise is good and the acting is decent. Except for the last twist at the end, this movie has nothing new to offer and ends like a dull, boring clockwork during this period of lockdown. rating: 2.5/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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