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Bus stop telugu movie review

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movie: bus stopscore: 2.5/5cast: prince, nandita, sai kumar p, rao rameshmusic by: j.b.cinematography: j prabhakar reddyedited by: s. b. uddhavdirection: maruthiproduced: bellamkonda sureshrelease date: november 11, 2012 ‘bus stop’ is the second film by director maruthi, that occurred to him after his super hit ‘ee rojullo’. many thought he would have come up with more promising things with ‘bus stand’ winning the hearts of all audience groups. let’s see how it went. story:This is the story of today’s youth. sreenu (prince) loves shailu (sri divya) where the latter is a sincere student. her father places a lot of hope and faith in her. but finally his love for sreenu is strengthened and then the confrontation with his father begins. another boy, whose parents make a living from running a roadside tiffin stand, flirts with various girls and eventually even ignores his parents due to his lust for him. how things change from then on is another way. the third is about a seema girl (hasika) who is a flirt. a boy really loves her but she plays with him. but she is betrayed by another. how situations change from then on is another line. Performances:There are no major complaints regarding the performances of any artist. the prince did well the part of him. but he can fix the delivery of dialogue and expressions from him. nanditha is good and decent but still she needs to fix herself in regards to renewing for bigger deals. hasika, who played seema, is the sexy woman on the screen. she has a magnetic appearance and can be promising if she plans her career properly. sai kumar is as always with a character similar to the one she played in ee rojullo but without stuttering. rao ramesh is used for its character-giving stereo type message. dmk, the journalist turned actor has a considerably long role in which he fully justified himself. Two other fathers have little screen presence but performed well. jb’s music is good and especially the song in the pre climax, “rekkalochchina prema…ningiki egirindaa…chukkalantina aasaa nelaki origindaa”. the film’s background score added a lot of energy, which made the film go on to the end without missing a beat. the director repeated his gender vulgarly, implying that he is only comfortable with him. analysis:the intention is good. but the packaging damaged. when a sweet has been cooked, there will be no great complaint if more sugar is added to it. but how does it become if you put a lot of salt in it? becomes ‘bus stop’. the idea of ​​showing that parents are the best lovers in the world is awesome, but doing that with tons of vulgarity sours the plate. Have you ever seen shakeela softcore porn movies? what does not have to be shown will be shown and finally gives an orientation color to the message. This movie is no less of that genre. this is a shop for smooth porn dialogue, incest hints, and plenty of vulgarity to the core. is an adult-rated movie aimed at luring young people by satiating their carnal desires verbally. the public wonders how the censorship board allowed this film to be shown. in fact, doubts arise as to whether the censorship board has been biased with this film. here are some scenes that speak of the director’s creativity:

  • holding a piece of chalk with both hands, a teacher yells at 3 naughty students saying: “….chepthaaraa?? lekapothe mee chalkpiece viraggottanaa? then the student responds, “sir! mundhu aa chalk piece meeda cheyyi teeyandi ”
  • a girl shows a curved piece of kurkure and asks the children whose it is. everyone denies but one guy says: “because he is curved, he is mine”.
  • putting a handkerchief over his mouth, rao ramesh says, “gudda noru moosukuni koorchondi”
  • mirchi bajji’s drawing special, in mirchiwala mobile hotel needs no description as is drawn resembling something.
  • a guy takes a girl on a date and symbolically a ‘bell’ is shown first followed by the shouts of ‘shovel ice shovel ice’
  • a girl asks a boy , “work ippisthaaraa?”, then the boy replies, “raa..ippi isthaa”
  • a girl says to a boy, “nee cell naa chethullo manchi gripping gaa undhi”
  • >a boy comes out of the bathroom after phone sex where the bathroom fills with hot steam. even hints of masturbation were shown.
  • one of the heroines says to a girl in an exam hall, “ippudu choopinchu. raathriki swargam choopisthaa ”
  • a father gives his daughter an ‘hp’ laptop where the emphasis was more on hp in the dialogue between father and daughter.
  • a boy tells a girl: “nenu phone chesinappudu call eththu. okka saari ‘call eththithe’ (sounding like ‘kallu eththithey) vaaram daakaa emee adaganu”
  • there are dialogues about multiple sexual relations between the father and his son with the symbolism of the cell phone and the cricket bat in the dialogues, vividly sounding vulgar.

what else can be written about this movie after mentioning all this? the director has shown everything that is happening in society right now. but there is something called social responsibility when it comes to topics like this as a feature film. Even though censorship allowed this movie to go uncut, parents should be careful not to let their teens watch it if they’re really worried about outside influences spoiling that age group. Although the film draws some laughs from lovers of vulgarity, the director lost control of his emotions. no one knows why shailu’s father opposes his love interest sreenu, who is responsible enough and is also in the process of getting a job. the role of dmk (the father of a boy who loses his rings) resembles an eccentric character in the vamsi movies. if there is any originality in this director, that is nothing more than ‘vulgarity’. like sreenu vaitla for comedy, vv vinayak for action, rajamouli for astonishment, we have maruthi for ‘vulgarity’. that is demonstrated with this film. if you want to continue with that image, that’s fine. otherwise you need to change your gender if you want to correct your image. this movie is abominable. can do well at the box office as it plays on the senses of teenagers. The facts are stated in this review, and even these facts may entice youngsters to drive towards the movie. It is no less for any D-grade softcore porn flick with a layer of regional commercial formula. result: unlimited vulgarity

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