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meaning, origin and etymology of the surnamemany surnames were created during the middle ages in europe, most of them derived from the name of the father or the place of origin of the bearer. . however, this was not the case for all surnames, there was another category, occupational surnames, which were based on the work of their user. this type of surname was established after the works became hereditary and began to pass from father to son.

one of the most popular occupational surnames was calderon, which although it became very popular during medieval times, its etymological origin goes back further into the roman empire because it is derived from the word “caldarium”. this last name was assigned to someone who worked in the creation of vessels, pots and cauldrons, mainly those that were very large and were hung over the fire to cook foods such as stews and soups. Calderón could also be used by the person who sold these cookware.

This surname was present in several European countries, in fact it has at least one variation in some languages ​​such as cowdron in English and codron in French, but it was mostly present in Spain and England. The first bearer of Calderón in Spain was Fortún Ortiz Calderón who was mentioned by King Alfonso X of Castilla in his document “Heredamientos de Sevilla” around 1200 and the first bearer in England was Stephen Caldron, who appeared in a Yorkshire register in 1289. Calderon arrived in England during the Norman Conquest in 1066.

spelling variationsit was very common for a medieval European surname to have many spelling variations for reasons of the time. various cultures were mixed by all the wars that occurred during that period and a lot of new surnames were born thanks to that mix. many words and surnames were translated incorrectly and there was also the fact that the scribes wrote the words according to their sound, and if each scribe heard the words differently then he would write them differently.

in the particular case of calderón, there were spelling variations in Spanish and English, thanks to its origin. the Spanish were calderon, calderón, caldero and caldera, and the English were: calderon, calderone, cauldron, cawdron, coldron and caldron.

popularity & geographic distribution according to the 2014 census, calderón is the 670th most common surname in the world with approximately 780,134 bearers. The country with the largest number of coppersmiths is Mexico, followed by Colombia in second place and Peru in fourth. It has its highest density in Costa Rica.

First bearers of the surnameSome of the ancient bearers of Calderon were Juan Boya Caldero in Vizcaya, Spain on August 30, 1573, Manuel Calderon of Los Angeles, California on June 1, 1850, Rodrigo Calderón, perhaps the most famous user of this surname, who was an important Spanish nobleman and politician in the 17th century, Juan Calderón de la Parka a Spanish nobleman and court official in the 17th century, and Pedro Calderón de la Barca, a 17th century Spanish poet and playwright.

history, genealogy and ancestrya calderona family with a good record of its family tree is that of gaspar calderón, who married mariana benítez, both from extremeños, spain. They had a daughter named Mariana Calderón Benítez who was born in Extremadura and married Francisco de Urbina, son of Juan Ortiz de Urbina and María Fernández de Cacho y Doipa. His son was Gaspar Calderón Urbina who was born in Mendoza, Argentina and in 1600 married María Antonia Durán de la Vega, daughter of Tomás Veas Durán and Antonia de la Vega.

Gaspar and María Antonia had a son named Tomás Calderón y Durán, who was born in Santiago, Chile. Tomás held various positions in his local government and married Ana de la Torre y Machado de Chavéz, daughter of Pedro de la Torre and Isabel Machado de Chávez, who was born in 1632. They had eleven children, they were Juan Calderón de la Torre who was born in Santiago and married Bartolina Girón de Montenegro y Santibáñez, María Calderón de la Torre who married Antonio de Carvajal y Bravo de Saravia, Gaspar Calderón y de la Torre Chávez who married Constanza Chacón y Cajal for the first time ever Ana María Agueda de Covarrubias and Lisperguer for the second time. Maria Josefa Calderón and Covarrubias Lisperguer would be born from this marriage.

The fourth son of Tomás Calderón y Durán and Ana de la Torre y Machado de Chávez was Pedro Calderón y de la Torre Chávez who married María de la Barrera y Ortiz de Elguea. The fifth child was Andrés Calderón y la Torre Chávez, who became a priest, followed by Josefa Calderón y de la Torre Chávez, who married Bernardo Cruzat Molleto. The seventh child was Ana Calderón y de la Torre Chávez who married Alonso de Soto y Córdoba and the rest were Francisco Calderón y de la Torre Chávez, Tomas Calderón y de la Torre y Chávez, Isabel Calderón y de la Torre y Chávez and clara calderón de la torre and chávez.

first american and new world coloniststhe first calderon bearers to reach america were alonso calderon who arrived in america in 1513, juan calderon who did so in 1536, pedro calderon who landed in guatemala in 1538, Gabriel Calderón who arrived in Peru in 1592, Anton Calderón who landed in America in 1812 and Socorro Calderón who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1816.

Mottos We were unable to locate any documented mottos for the Calderón family.

beneficiaries we were unable to locate any documented beneficiaries for the calderon family.

Notablesome of the most prominent Calderón bearers were Alberto Calderón (1920-1998) Argentine mathematician, José Luis Calderón (b. 1970) Argentine soccer player, Felipe Calderón (b. 1962) former president from mexico, tegui “tego” calderón rosario (b. 1972) puerto rican rapper and felipe g. Calderón (1868-1908) Filipino constitutionalist.

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