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‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’ movie review: An honest and heartfelt film that makes us think- The New Indian Express

Chaavu kaburu challaga movie review

For many of us, watching a movie is an emotional and enriching experience, as we often tend to identify with the characters on the screen. but not all movies have the potential to touch the heart.

There is no denying that one cannot understand human affairs without laughing or crying. chaavu kaburu challaga is an honest and moving film that certainly makes you laugh, cry, clap your hands, gasp, and most importantly, think.

the plot is pretty predictable, but director koushik pegallapati did a commendable job of keeping you hooked into the story through interesting characters and their emotional conflicts. Basti Balaraju (Kartikeya Gummakonda), a hearse driver, falls in love with a widow, Mallika (Lavanya Tripathi), when she goes to take her husband’s remains to the cemetery.

He is so fascinated with her that he offers to marry her shortly after her husband’s funeral. Initially, she seems upset, unhappy, and loathes him for her surreal acts, but she begins to understand him as the story progresses.

koushik tells the story of basti balaraju with empathy and love. he keeps the humor intact as he drives home the message that one should stop dwelling on the past and not let it affect their present. the debut director had employed a strategy, which is to juxtapose serious themes with a dose of comedy and philosophy.

The film places itself on an equal level with respect to death and birth and also accentuates the best intention that life is not a sacrifice but an opportunity to be happy no matter the circumstances. the film has its heart in the right place and makes some valid points, but also takes its own time to do so. the love track between balaraju and mallika is stretched beyond necessity.

We understand koushik’s point from the beginning, but the script moves along at a languid pace and tells the same point over and over in such an exaggerated way that one can treat it as a joke. even the aamani and srikanth iyyengar track is a bit shaky as the director spent too much time establishing the fact that the latter is waiting for an opportunity while he thinks about the repercussions in parallel.

but these are small flaws in a story that comes with good intentions. It is certainly a film that reflects the society in which we live. what is refreshing is that the director is able to give a consistent tone to the narrative and the ability of him to extract the best of the actors from him.

The first hour of chaavu kaburu challaga is a smooth ride. songs and sharp dialogue add weight to the narrative. if you’re willing to let go of disbelief, you’ll find yourself entertained until intermission.

The second hour of the film, however, redefines all the usual clichés, including a mother and her constant battle against loneliness, a stubborn mother-in-law, who has to be won over to marry the girl, the not father to empathize with the protagonist’s plight, but can’t do much more than offer advice, a haunting tragedy, and a predictable climax. Interestingly, all of these sequences are interspersed with light-hearted comedy that tames the philosophical idea of ​​the film’s title.

The film is based on the attractiveness of its main couple, who are nothing short of brilliant. Kartikeya has a live wired presence as it effortlessly lights up the screen when in frame. Lavanya has given a performance that is both understated and genuinely sincere. both actors are at the top of their game.

Of the supporting actors, murli sharma fits perfectly into the role of the mother-in-law, wonderfully humanizing the character rather than leaving it out as a common stereotype. aamani also puts on an excellent show as she is composed in the first hour and changes gears exuding agony and confusion in the last part. All in all, it’s an up-and-coming movie that throws out some fresh ideas, but gets overwhelmed by the occasional scripting gimmick.

chaavu kaburu challaga

Cast: kartikeya gummakonda, lavanya tripathi, aamani, murli sharma

director: koushik pegallapati

score: 3/5

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