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Chal mohana ranga movie review

Video Chal mohana ranga movie review

The talented hero Nithiin, who was disappointed in his latest lie, has created another romantic drama called Chal Mohan Ranga. Directed by Krishna Chaitanya, the romantic drama has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


mohan ranga​(​nithin) is suddenly separated from his childhood crush, megha(mega akash). He finds out that she is in the US and struggles to reach her. After a moment, he somehow manages to enter the United States and meets her there. he gets close to her and eventually falls in love with her.

even megha has feelings for mohan, but since they both decide to fight, megha leaves him for good and returns to india. The rest of the story is about how Mohan arrives in India and wins her love again.

positive points:

nithin does a great job in his role as mohan ranga. her performance as the helpless guy and the way he generates good comedy through her has come off pretty well. nithin has managed quite well on the emotional side and carries the film entirely on his shoulders.

megha akash is cute in her role and does what is required of her. she is especially good in the first half as the funny scenes between her and nithin have gone quite well.

The dialogue needs a special mention, as the conversation between the main couple and the way fun is generated through this looks good. some episodes with rao ramesh, narra and nithin have been executed well and keep things light.


Although the film has a decent first half with some good comedy scenes, the lack of depth in the second part is a negative point. the love story is also old and has nothing new to offer.

a single dot is dragged on too long by some unnecessary scenes that derail the movie. The chemistry between the pair of protagonists is also not up to par. the movie runs on a flat note during the second part and not much happens during this time.

Lissy doesn’t have much to do and looks confused in the movie. those hoping for a strong romantic lead between the main couple will be disappointed as there is no major sticking point in the romance and thus the director has concentrated more on the comedy.

technical aspects:

thaman’s music is a big plus as his soulful melodies and impressive background music convey the mood of the film very well. The production values ​​of this low-budget film are superb, as all US and Indian locations have been shot exceptionally well by cameraman Natarajan. the editing is decent and so was the production design.

As for director krishna chaitanya, he starts the movie on a good note during the first half but then his narration lacks enthusiasm as the story doesn’t have much and doesn’t have many interesting twists. he kicks things up a notch by adding a few lighthearted moments here and there, but as a whole package, there’s not a lot of heart in the love story.


Overall, chal moan ranga is another routine romantic drama that has a few good moments here and there. charming songs and decent episodes of comedy keep the audience engaged. Story-wise, there’s not much to look forward to as this is a movie where you have to go with the flow of proceedings that stay light-hearted. If you ignore the things mentioned above and want to watch a simple pass the time movie this weekend, this movie can be tried. but keep your expectations in check. rating: 3/5

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