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Chalo movie review

Naga Shourya, who has been hanging low for the past year, is back with a familiar entertainer named Chalo. The movie has hit the screens today and let’s see if the young hero gets the much needed hit from him or not.


Hari(Naga Shourya) is a college student who loves getting into fights. annoyed with her attitude, her father (naresh) sends him to tirupuram, which is situated between the border of andhra and tamil nadu. Upon Ella’s arrival, Hari falls in love with Ella’s classmate Karthika (Rashmika). But to win her love, she needs to solve the problems that exist between the people of both states. The rest of the story is how Hari handles these problems and wins her love.

positive points:-

One of the film’s biggest selling points is the ample entertainment offered at regular intervals. even though the plot is thin, the way the director has written the comedy episodes lifts the whole movie. the movie is very funny, which keeps the audience entertained.

naga shourya shows great improvement with chalo. he not only looks handsome, he feels comfortable in front of the camera. Rashmika makes an impressive debut and fits the role perfectly. As for her acting, she’s pretty good and it will go a long way in her career.

comedians carry the entire movie on their shoulders. satya does a hilarious job and keeps the momentum going in the first half. Vennela Kishore shines again and saves the second part with her impeccable comic timing. the one-liners written and the way the plot is narrated help the movie.

negative points:

As said before, there isn’t much to the story line. the problems between two peoples and how the hero falls in love with a girl from a family and wins her love, these episodes have been shown in many movies in the past.

The troubles among the town are shown on a serious note throughout the movie, but when it comes time to reveal the real plot, things get pretty silly during the climax. the flashback shown is weightless and drags the movie to some extent.

technical aspects:-

The production values ​​of the film are very good as the setting of the town and surrounding areas have been created quite well. the dialogues deserve a special mention, as they elicit great laughs every time. the camera work is also decent and it shows the atmosphere of the town well. the editing is adequate and so was the production design. yet another asset of the film is the lively musical score. sagar mahati’s music is pleasing to the ears and the way the songs were recorded also looks good on screen.

As for director venky, he makes an impressive debut. although there isn’t much to the story from him, the way he has packed the movie with good entertainment makes things work. the way he narrates key plot elements shows his talent. he is a director to be reckoned with and he does a decent job on his first film.


Overall, Chalo is a cheerful animator who has comedy as his forte. naga shourya makes a good comeback and leads from the front. Although the plot is simple, the movie is full of entertainment at regular intervals. Comedian Satya and Vennela Kishore make things happen with their acting. finally, this is a type of movie where one needs to leave logic behind and enjoy the fun that is shown. if you agree with the above, chalo will end up being a good time pass entertainer this weekend. rating: 3.25/5

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