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Chanakya movie review

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gopichand and his team have dared to release their new film chanakya in the midst of the great sye raa craze that was released a few days ago. Let’s see if this spy thriller has something interesting in store for us or not.


the indian government is searching for a feared terrorist named qureshi (rajesh khattar) who has now camped out in pakistan. To bring him back, Raw appoints a daring and diabolical officer, Arjun, to the task. how does arjun get into pakistan? How will he catch such a feared terrorist? and where do mehreen and zareen khan appear in this setup? to know this, you have to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

As usual, gopichand does a sincere job in his role. he looks fit as the raw agent and takes charge of the film throughout. Whether it’s his fights or his dialogue delivery, Gopichand has done a commendable job in the movie. Nasser was perfect as the main boss and brought depth to the film.

The director begins the film with a good action sequence that seems captivating. Zareen Khan as raw secret agent makes a decent Telugu debut. she did the supporting role well. Mehreen was almost fine in her role and didn’t have much to do. Sunil and Ali did well in their limited comedy roles.

Upen Patel is the surprise package of the film, as he magnificently played the role of a stylish villain. all the scenes of him with gopichand have turned out well. certain karachi based action thrills have been planned well. the scenes leading up to the climax have been handled well and evoke decent curiosity.

negative points:

First of all, the film is loosely based on various Hindi spy thrillers of recent times. It is heavily inspired by Nikhil Advani’s D-Day. After starting the movie off strong, the filmmakers introduce the same old comedy, song and dance routine. gopichand’s romantic episodes with mehreen are boring and dilute the process completely.

After this, two songs appear and deviate from the film at crucial moments. one of the biggest drawbacks is the underwhelming dash that lacks grip. some good emotions are followed by silly and routine scenes. thrillers need to be sharp and fast, but sadly that’s not the case with this movie.

Also, there are too many cinematic liberties that have been taken. gopichand moves freely in karachi and handles things quickly in many areas and this looks exaggerated. Also, after all the fuss, you feel like the climax is going to be special, but unfortunately things end in a rush.

technical aspects:

The camera work in the film is pretty decent as it manages to show karachi and the terrorist set up decently. the production design needs a special mention as they have redesigned karachi and some other areas in a believable way.

music is ok, but sricharan’s background score is pretty good. the editing is below par as the romance track could have been shortened to make things sharper. This whole dog mating episode seems silly and could have been avoided.

Coming to director thiru, he has done a below average job with his narration. he has repeated all the spy thrillers and has prepared the story of himself which seems decent. he also starts the movie well and gives it a good tone and setting. but he too falls prey to unnecessary commercial aspects and derails the film. in the second half, he had too much at the plate and couldn’t handle it. that’s the reason why he rushed things with his inadequate script which has many logical errors and unanswered questions.


Overall, chanakya is a routine spy thriller that works in very few areas. While the action and gopichand lead from the front, the boring storytelling and poor script kill the movie in no time. Although the movie looks stylish, there is nothing new that you will see here in this action thriller. so go in with all your expectations in check. rating: 2.5/5

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