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Chandrakala telugu movie review

Video Chandrakala telugu movie review
Chandrakala-Movie-Review Release date : Dec 19, 2014 Rating : 2.75/5 Director : Sundar C Producer : Kalyan C Music Director : Bharathwaj, Karthik Raja (BGM) Starring: Sundar C, Hansika, Andrea Jeremiah, Raai Laxmi

Continuing with the trend of dubbing films, the latest venture to hit the screens today is Chandrakala. Starring Hansika, Andrea and Raai Laxmi, this film is directed by Sundar C. Let’s now see how it is.


A blended family returns home to sell their ancestral home. As soon as they land there, the ladies of the family, Maaya (Raai Laxmi) and Madhavi (Andrea) start witnessing strange things happening around them. As time passes, an untoward incident occurs and the whole family learns that the palace is possessed by an evil spirit (hansika).

who is this evil spirit? what does it have to do with the palace? How will the whole family solve their problems? To find out the answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The main attraction of the film is the female leads. all of them have done a decent job with their performances. hansika is the show stealer as she has a major role in the movie. Her character has been very well conceived and does perfect justice to her role. Andrea’s performance during the climax is quite impressive.

The first half of the movie and some episodes during the second half have decent thrills. sundar c has done a decent job in the supporting role of him and has managed to attract the audience with his direction.

negative points:-

once the twist is revealed during the second half, the movie becomes predictable. although the climax of the film is fine, it has dragged on too long. a song comes out of nowhere and the climax gets some unwanted elements. Hansika’s character has less screen time and could have been elevated more.

the songs could have been removed from the film to make it even more exciting. Another major drawback of the film is that it does not have major creepy elements. the beginning of the movie is quite confusing and settles down only after fifteen minutes.

technical aspects:-

The camera work on the film is pretty good. the special effects are decent and so are the production values. the palace and the whole setup have been canned pretty decently. As said before, the music in the film is below average and all the songs could have been cut.

The movie’s script is decent until the climax, but it bogs down after that. the dialogues are fine, as is the editing. sundar c is fine with directing him, but he freaks out during the ending.


In general, chandrakala has its ups and downs. an engaging premise and some decent performances are basic plus points. on the other hand, a drawn-out climax and a lack of enough creepy and exciting moments mess up the flow of the movie. watch it only if you have nothing else to do. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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