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chandrasekhar yeleti, known for directing some gripping dramas, is back with his new movie. the movie starring nithin has been released today so let’s see how it goes.


aditya(nithin) is one of the five terrorists sentenced to death by the court of law. he hires a lawyer (rakul preet singh) to fight his case, but he doesn’t have much luck. during his time in jail, he learns chess and becomes a master. The rest of the story is about how Aditya uses the game of chess to prove that he is not guilty.

positive points:

The verification premise is quite good and also seems realistic. the jail setting and the whole criminal atmosphere in the barracks have been created quite well. the art department needs a special mention as the set work is extremely good.

nithin puts a complete spin on what he normally does and acts according to his character. Although he seems rustic at first, Nithin gives a superb performance at the end. one should appreciate him for choosing a movie that lacks commercial aspects like romance and songs, as the star hero perfectly suits his age.

rakul preet singh is the unsung heroine of the film as she does a very good job in her role as a lawyer. she maintains attention with her emotions and her serious act. Rakul was pretty good in the court scenes. priya varrier makes a decent debut but she doesn’t have much to do. her chemistry with nithin was good.

sai chand was very good as a chess guru. all the scenes of him with nithin were pretty good. murali sharma played him well and so did aziz nasser, who played the role of the negative cop. Hurvardhan was also impeccable in his hilarious role.

negative points:

one of the biggest drawbacks of the movie is that it doesn’t have those gripping thrills that previous yeleti movies used to have. The protagonist of the film is undergoing a death sentence, but there is no intense emotion that transfers to the character of him.

The movie has a kind of rollercoaster feel to it, as some good scenes are followed by several boring, dragging scenes. Sampath and his senior cop role seem forced, as the senior actor overreacts to an extent that wasn’t necessary at all.

the climax seems to be logically fine, but it’s a bit forced. the ending that is given will have a mixed feeling and one would not expect that to happen. this makes the finish quite uneven. the second half is a bit slow and the pace drops with multiple jail fights that could have been cut.

technical aspects:

kalyani malik’s music is ok, but her background music was pretty good. the costumes for the inmates, the production design, and the camera work were pretty good. the dialogues were clean and the lyrics too. editing was fine as scenes in the second half could have been cut.

As for the yeleti director, check that it’s probably not his best work to date. but it extracts a good yield from nithin and rakul preet. his story idea and the whole narrative has some hiccups, but he ends the movie with an unexpected twist. the script of him in some scenes in jail was pretty good.


Overall, check is a serious sports drama with a criminal undertone. the set up is good and nithin does well to hold attention. but a slow pace in the second half and a lack of control in emotions are some disadvantages. barring this, if you lower your expectations and watch the movie, watch the extremes as a passable watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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