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Chitram bhalare vichitram movie review

Video Chitram bhalare vichitram movie review

Continuing the trend of low budget movies, another movie titled chitram bhalare vichitram has hit the screens today. let’s see how it turns out.


shiva (manoj nandan) is a normal middle-class boy who dreams of becoming an actor. he tries hard but doesn’t get any rest. Seeing his pathetic situation, Shiva Madan’s friend (Anil Kalyan) decides to rent his ancestral property. To his good luck, a movie unit comes forward to shoot his movie at the farm.

the icing on the cake is when madan gets shiva, the role of the hero in the movie. kick kick starts, and as time goes on, weird things keep happening throughout the unit. the movie’s heroine, hansika(chandini) gets possessed by an evil spirit and starts annoying everyone.

Who is this evil spirit? what does it have to do with hansika? and how does the whole unit survive this attack? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

Certain comedy episodes that have no connection to the story entertain the audience to some extent. the director has managed to show some novelties during the preclimax with some interesting scenes. heroine chandni does a decent job in the movie and acts the best he can.

The interval block of the film has been designed quite well and the filmmakers have also executed it in an interesting way. the episode that comes during the climax has been handled very well. manoj nandan and anil kalyan are decent in their respective characters.

negative points:-

One of the biggest drawbacks of the movie is the way the entire movie has been executed. the creators have taken a single line and stretched the movie to a mammoth 2 hours.

While some scenes are good, the way they’ve been run as a single thread doesn’t register with the audience. the movie doesn’t flow as the proceedings take a severe beating after one point.

The various horror elements that have been shown during the second half have absolutely no clarity and create confusion for the audience. the way the characters are engraved is quite vague and the creators have overlooked several logics.

technical aspects:-

The camera work is fine, as are the production values. the art direction was quite impressive as the dreaded bungalow was put on quite an interesting display. the editing of the film is pathetic and so were the visual effects. coming to director bhanu prakash, he has done a sub-par job directing him. he has taken a simple line and dragged the film over and over again. the only place he scored was during the pre-climax.


Overall, Chitram Bhalare Vichitram is one of the most dated horror comedies to come out in the recent past. none of the key factors work in this film which is seriously flawed in terms of execution. Except for a few interesting moments during the pre-climax, there isn’t much to look forward to in this movie and it can be left alone this weekend. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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