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Clifford the big red dog movie christian review

It has been said that the dog is man’s best friend.

In the case of “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” a big red puppy is a girl’s best friend.

Based on Norman Bridwell’s classic children’s book series that is similar to the PBS animated television show, the live-action/CGI hybrid film tells the story of how a girl’s love for a little puppy named Clifford makes the dog grow to an enormous size.

The plot features Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp), a Harlem high school student struggling to fit in at home with her single mother, paralegal Maggie (Sienna Guillory), and at a private school, where she is bullied and They call it “food stamps” among other things.

one day he discovers a little red puppy of a magical animal rescuer named mr. bridwell (john cleese).

“how big is it going to be?” emily asks him.

“That depends, doesn’t it?” Mr. bridwell replies.

“in what?” so emily asks.

“about how much you love him”, mr. bridwell sheepishly replies.

Sure enough, Clifford somehow turns into a 10-foot-tall canine overnight in his New York City apartment with no explanation for the transformation other than the love edict. Catching the attention of the CEO of the genetics company Tieran (Tony Hale), who wants to increase the size of animals, Emily and her clueless Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) must battle the forces of greed as they race through the city. big apple to keep clifford liberty.

Along the way, Clifford touches the lives of everyone around him, teaching Emily and Casey the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love. the film advocates mutual respect, no matter how different people are.

of course clifford is cute and lovable as the movie is for the most part wholesome, entertaining and kid friendly. I took three kids, all under 10, and they enjoyed the movie, laughing and smiling the entire time.

Adults, however, can see through the cheesy plot, cheesy effects, and cheesy CGI, especially when some characters ride Clifford, who seems unrealistic and unbelievable at times. Still, Clifford seems sweet, wide-eyed and has no idea why he’s seen as abnormal due to his gigantic size.

not on the level of the “paddington” movies in terms of charm, creativity, depth and character development, “clifford the big red dog” is more on a par with the “beethoven” movies and “alvin and the chipmunk”. The film was produced by Paramount Animation, which also released “Sonic the Hedgehog” in 2020.

Although based on the beloved scholastic character, the film changes a few things from the book series. First, Emily Elizabeth doesn’t have short hair and she has red hair instead of blonde. Emily and her mom live in an apartment, but in the series they lived in a house. clifford did not live in new york, but on an island, which was inspired by massachusetts.

Also on the TV show and in “Clifford’s Big Movie” (2004), Clifford spoke, though only to his fellow dogs. clifford never spoke in the original books.

However, this adaptation is a cute children’s movie that has happy and silly moments. The bottom line is that the film struggles to live up to its motto: “adventure has never been greater.”

Rated PG for rude humor, thematic elements and mild action, “Clifford the Big Red Dog” features some bathroom humor. Unsurprisingly, Clifford’s massive size becomes the source of jokes and jokes about his huge toots, pee, poop, and “nut-hole rhymes.” a character says, “I still can’t let go of my buttocks” and “you can kiss me…” (unfinished). one character uses the English profanity “bloody”. there is also the word “oxen”.

Profanity includes “oh my g*d”, “o-m-g”, “jeez”, “oh g*d”, “oh lord”, “holy cow”, “holy sheep”, “what…” (unfinished), and “my spirit animal.” demeaning words used include “freak”, “food stamps” and nobody.

clifford throws a few characters, including one person into the bubble ball, but it’s played for laughs. there’s a brief fight, a taser is used, a bunch of crazy protective neighbors, and the villain is mean and lies about wanting clifford for himself.

  • Violence: Mild
  • Foul/Coarse Language: Mild
  • Profane Language: Mild to Moderate
  • Nudity: • Cleavage • A man in underwear
  • sex: implication that casey had an inside girlfriend
  • drugs/alcohol: none
  • occult: none

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