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So, continuing the series of reviews of movies and shows during the lockdown period, our selection today is the latest color photo of a Telugu film. starring suhas and chandni chowdary, this movie is available on aha, let’s see how it is.


jayakrishna(suhas) is a dark-skinned boy who falls head over heels for deepu(chandni chowdary) but keeps his feelings to himself. as time goes on he is beaten up by a gang at his university and this problem brings deepu closer to him. little by little, friendship turns into love and this does not go well with deepu’s brother, rama raju (sunil). the rest of the story is about how the couple is reunited after facing various problems.

bonus points

suhas becomes a hero in his own right with this movie and he does an amazing job. We all know he’s a talented actor, but in a color photo, Suhas shows the full range of him. Whether it’s his voice, his expressions and his realistic space on the screen, the young actor lives his character magnificently. Suhas is an extremely talented actor and he is the one to watch out for in the years to come.

chandni chowdary also does an excellent job. This movie gives her a lot of room to act and Chandni seizes the opportunity in a big way. the way she gets emotional throughout the film and especially at the climax shows the acting prowess of the young actress. Sunil tries a different mod on her negative role and it’s decent.

Viva Aspera lands a very good role and totally blows your mind with her performance. Sri Vidya, who played Sunil’s wife, also does quite well. one of the film’s biggest selling points is undoubtedly kaala bhairava, the music director. his songs are magnificent and have an unsettling effect on you. his bgm is awesome too.

negative points

The film is a simple love story and is based on a serious conflict such as discrimination of color and rich and poor. Director Sandeep handles this well, but as the movie reaches its pre-climax, things get too serious and emotional, which was not necessary at all. the movie has decent scenes, but some of them have been dragged for no reason, especially in the first half.

the reason why the heroine falls in love with the hero is not that strong and some more convincing scenes could have made things better for the audience. the love track could have been better too. the last part of the first half is slow and takes time to get to the breakpoint, which makes the movie boring.

technical aspects

As said before, the music is the highlight of the film. the editing is decent and so was the art direction. the camera work is excellent and it shows the bygone era in a beautiful way. special mention deserve the art direction, the costumes and, above all, the dialogues. Sai Rajesh’s production values ​​are top notch.

Coming to director sandeep raj, he makes a decent debut. you can tell she has a decent control of emotions and she handles this part well until the pre-climax. he also handled the basic gist of the love story well initially, but couldn’t hold on to it later. If he could have added more grip to the drama and edited out some scenes before the interval and the preclimax, things would have been fine.


Overall, Color Photo is a romantic drama that has some amazing performances from Suhas and Chandni Chowdary. solid music and decent thrills are basic plus points. but an overly dramatic climax, a routine storyline, and a slightly boring love story cause the film to falter here and there. Other than this, if you lower your expectations and watch this movie, you might end up liking it. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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