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Decoupled Review (Netflix): To Those Who Hated This R Madhavan Show, I Get You But I&039m Not With You!

Decoupled movie review

Video Decoupled movie review
Decoupled Review
Decoupled Review(Photo Credit: Poster From Decoupled)

Decoupled Review: Star Rating:

Cast: r madhavan, surveen chawla, arista mehta, chetan bhagat, sonia rathee

creator: manu joseph

director: hardik mehta

streaming on: netflix

Language: English/Hindi

duration: 25-35 minutes/episode (8 episodes)

Decoupled Review

Decoupled Review(Photo Credit: Still From Decoupled)

Decoupled Review: What’s It About:

It’s about a wealthy privileged couple from the leisure class trying to fall out of love! it starts with the idea that “decoupling” is presented as an interesting story. the protagonist of arya (r madhavan) is a renowned author, he is second only to chetan bhagat. He is seeking a divorce from his wife Shruti (Surveen Chawla), a venture capitalist and founder of the company, but they could not easily pass this information on to his daughter.

Because they take time to inform you, they go through this process of ‘falling out of love’ doing things they would do without each other. how does it end for them? well, wait for season 2.

decoupled review: what’s good & what is bad:

i have enjoyed manu joseph’s work in the past & I know why his ideas on this one are getting the salty, washed-out treatment from many. one of the main reasons is that he highlights the shittiest stereotypes of society in an almost “that’s the way it is” way. That’s the crux of black comedy, and those who compare Madhavan’s Arya to The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper are no less than the half-baked braggarts Joseph has engineered into this show’s extras. The hypocrisy of human nature revealed through Arya’s actions hits hard in some places, but then slowly fades in some.

manu joseph’s writing is the greatest strength of decoupling & a weak weakness for various reasons. if i have to explain my broader views on the show in one line: i didn’t mind arya randomly chanting the gayatri mantra just to prod a muslim character while praying namaz in a public place, but i definitely didn’t find it funny how the same character got hit for praying namaz on a flight in the immediate next scene. this is how joseph’s writing is in a nutshell, it makes sense in some places, but takes some absurd turns in many places.

Decoupled Review

Decoupled Review(Photo Credit: Still From Decoupled)

Decoupled Review: Star Performance

at the risk of being lectured by feminazis for my male privilege, i had a good laugh watching arya be a co*ky know-it-all. Madhavan’s approach to the character is so pure that, even with that puppy-eyed face, she is able to sell Arya’s nonchalant nature on screen. yes, the writing becomes problematic in several places, but I won’t ignore the rest of the package for the same. If for the sake of that, I have to look around to see certain nuances of a popular character in Arya, it will be after life’s Ricky Gervais (minus the suicidal thoughts). it’s so good that it almost overshadows the flaws of many sequences she’s a part of.

yeah, joseph hasn’t put in any extra effort writing the women for the show. surveen chawla’s shruti is the main character, but there’s not a proper balance in how interesting she becomes from her character to madhavan’s arya. if it had to be just about the protagonist, manu joseph should have titled this ‘des-single’ (manu, for more such lines sign me up for season 2). Despite Shruti’s impoverished character arc, Surveen does a beautiful job of portraying the aristocratic undertone of her character.

Decoupled Review

Decoupled Review(Photo Credit: Still From Decoupled)

Decoupled Review: Last Words:

all said and done, undocked is fresh & funny but also frivolous in some places. it’s one of those shows you won’t mind watching, but it won’t be much of a show either, even if you miss it. but, if you have a few hours to spare, a couple of pints of beer waiting for you in the back of your fridge, put on a hopper, sit on the couch and binge.

three stars!

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