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Devadas Telugu Movie Review |

Devadasu telugu movie review

Video Devadasu telugu movie review

deva das is a movie that has created quite a stir in recent days. After a good round of promotions, the film has reached the screens today. let’s see how the movie turns out.


das(nani) is a sincere doctor who is expelled from a corporate hospital and starts working in a private clinic. on the other hand, deva (nagarjuna) is a feared don who is on the run. During a firefight with his enemies, Deva gets hurt and arrives at Das Hospital and receives treatment there.

This small meeting between deva and das turns into a deep friendship. As time passes, a pivotal incident involving Deva and her gangster past causes a rift in the friendship. the rest of the story is how das changes deva into a good man and fixes things.

positive points:

Unsurprisingly, one of the film’s highlights is the bromance between Nagarjuna and Nani. whenever the star heroes appear on the screen, things look quite lively and entertaining. the star duo evokes good comedy and their chemistry will totally impress the audience.

nagarjuna looks super fit and it’s good to see him give the same space to nani and still put on a top notch performance. nag is especially good in the second half where his story has good depth.

nani is once again a show stealer, as the role of her innocent doctor is the main backbone of the film. Nani is quite natural in the role of him and the way he evokes comedy with his funny yet expressive emotions is one of the highlights of the film.

The movie looks great and the emotions are conveyed quite well for the last half hour and this ends the movie on a good note. rashmika and akanksha perform well in their supporting roles. murali sharma, naresh and comedian satya are impeccable in their characters.

negative points:

The story of the movie is quite good as the filmmakers have put more emphasis on the star value of Nani and Nagarjuna. even though the chemistry between nag and nani is good, the director should have added more comedy between the duo. the little time twists shown are a bit predictable and don’t have much depth.

Not much happens in the first half, as forced scenes and unnecessary mob setup are highlighted. the film begins its main story only before the last ten minutes at the interval point.

technical aspects:

The production values ​​of the vyjayanthi films are top notch as they have not compromised on the visuals. the camera work is excellent as it shows the film’s heroes and stars in a superb way. Mani Sharma’s music is below par as some good hit songs would have helped make things even better. the lyrics are good and the whole montage of the movie looks great. editing is fine as at least ten minutes in the first half could have been cut. nagarjuna is designed quite well in the movie.

as for the director sriram aditya, he had a big responsibility to manage the two stars and he has done a good job. sriram had many situations where he could have generated hilarious fun, but he did not take advantage of it and showed the procedures in a simple note. however, he handled the star well and drew good chemistry from them.


Overall, deva das is a decent multi-star actor who clicks due to nagarjuna and nani’s good screen presence. As for the story, there is nothing new and the first half is also ordinary. but things change from the second part like the good dose of emotions and the interesting final work of the film. all he needs is to keep his expectations in check and enjoy nani and nag’s unique bromance unfolding on screen. rating: 3/5

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