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Review : Devaraya – Poor socio -fantasy drama |

Devaraya telugu movie review

Video Devaraya telugu movie review
Release date: 07 Dec 2012 Rating : 2/5 Director : Nani Krishna Producer :Kiran Jakkam Shetty , Nani Krishna Music Director : Chakri Starring : Srikanth, Meenakshi Dikshit, Vidisha

Family hero Srikanth is trying his hand at socio fantasy for the first time with ‘Devaraya’. Nani Krishna is the director of this movie and Chakri scored the music. The film has Vidisha and Meenakshi Deekshit in the lead roles opposite Srikanth. After some delay, the movie has released today across Andhra Pradesh. Let us see how ‘Devaraya’ is.


dorababu (srikanth) is a small-town playboy who believes in enjoying life to the fullest. he falls in love with swapna (vidisha) and she also responds to his affection by seeing the bright side of his nature. She tries to get Dorababu to make amends, but his grandfather (Ranganath) is firmly against the alliance.

while this story unfolds, an archaeologist (sivaji raja) discovers some items belonging to sri kirshna devaraya in the godavari delta and decides to investigate the matter. With the help of Ranganath, he attempts to translate an ancient diary belonging to the legendary Telugu king.

Some amazing secrets come to light in the process and everyone finds out that Dorababu has a connection to Lord Krishna Devaraya. He has some broken promises to keep and the forces of nature now require Dorababu to sacrifice himself for that promise. what happens next is the story of the movie

positive points:

srikanth’s performance is fine in this movie. As Dorababu, she tried to mimic megastar Chiranjeevi’s style for the comedy department. during his performance as krishna devaraya, he tried to imitate sr ntr’s diction and dialogue.

vidisha is good and she can have a future in the industry if she takes care of her projects. meenakshi dixit is strictly average. veteran actor balayya, ranganath, sivaji raja, m.s. narayana, raghu karumanchi and jayaprakash reddy do their best to liven up the process to some extent. some visual effects and some scenes of krishna devaraya’s court have been shot well.

negative points:

The plot of this movie has more holes than a sponge and just like a sponge soaks up water, this movie will soak up the viewer’s patience. there is practically no story in the first half and there are too many bad songs.

The scenes are noisy, poorly written, and have absolutely no logic. If you had a great picture of King Sri Krishna Devaraya, you will be disappointed with the way he has been portrayed in this movie.

There are too many goofy sequences in the movie. In the flashback episodes, the King Krishna Devaraya character keeps switching between current Telugu and old Telugu in the same dialogue. The actor who looks like Jayaprakash Reddy’s brother looks very comical in a horrible wig. The central plot of trying to build a cement factory on a site that contains an ancient temple is never given due importance.

the location of the songs is atrocious. Just as the movie is trying to gain momentum, these songs come on and speed the beat to the ground.

Some graphic sequences are very poorly executed and while that is understandable, given the low budget of the film, they should not have been attempted in the first place with such limitations.

chakri music and sheet music in the background make things worse. the climax just flops, and there’s no reason for that chandramukhi style of dancing (in the chandramukhi costume) in the first place.

technical aspects:

nani krishna’s direction is poor and he doesn’t understand the basics of storytelling and script. the editing is atrocious. the cinematography is almost passable. veerababu’s dialogues are bad.

As I said before, Chakri’s music is very bad and doesn’t give strength to the film. production values ​​are mediocre.


srikanth is a nice guy with a family hero image and it’s sad to see him in movies like this. ‘devaraya’ is a movie that has absolutely nothing going for it. do yourself a favor and stay away from it unless you want to see the movie for academic interest to see what a director shouldn’t do. rating – 2 / 5

reviewed by mahesh s koneru

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5 – flawless 4 – must see 3 – watch once 2 – wait for dvd 1 – stay away

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