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Dhana dhan telugu movie review

A dubbed version of the 2014 Tamil film Damaal Dumeel has hit screens under the title Dhana Dhan. starring vaibhav and remya, let’s see how the telugu version fared.


moneykandan (vaibhav) is an employee of you who writes his name as “money”. he is a strong believer in numerology and, like his name, money is the driving force in his life. His life is turned upside down when he suddenly loses his job.

As time passes, he receives a box containing 5 million rupees which is accidentally delivered to him. the money is actually part of a settlement agreement between bad guys veerabhadram (kota srinivas rao) and kamatchi sundaram (sayaji shinde).

Taking control of the situation, moneykandan decides to run away with the money and start a new life. but unsurprisingly, he gets caught up in a big mix-up with the bad guys. the rest of the story is how he gets out of these problems.

positive points:

one of the main points of the film is the story around which it revolves. with a lot of twists and turns, the script is decent in many areas. the film is bold and brief, which works in its favor.

When it comes to acting, vaibhav takes the cake as he feels comfortable and performs his role perfectly. Remya, a well-known face in malyalam movies, does a good job and performs within her limitations. the experience of kota srinivasa rao and sayaji shinde can be seen on screen.

negative points:

Although the story is interesting, it could have been executed in a more exciting way. the director had the right elements in mind, but failed to translate them successfully on screen. the turns shown become a bit predictable.

some of the clever plot ideas have not been executed properly. Since the movie is a black comedy, not everyone can find it entertaining. the romantic angle is also not properly explored and remya becomes a supporting actor for the most part.

Towards the end, the movie starts to lose steam and events are taken too lightly. In addition, the dubbing performed is below average.

technical aspects:

Although the film was made on a small budget, the production values ​​are exceptional. Thaman’s music, especially the background score is excellent. the editing is decent, but the camera work is nothing to write home about. the dialogues, on the other hand, could have been better.

Reaching out to the director Shree manages to choose an engaging story. but it’s your execution that is below average and throws the process off after a while.


Overall, dhana dhan is a dark comedy that will only appeal to a particular segment of the audience. while the performances and story are decent, the rushed execution lets the film down entirely, making it a below-average affair at the box office. watch it when it comes on tv. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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