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Dhanalakshmi thalupu thadithe movie review

comedian dhanraj has come a long way in his career. he has reached a stage where he has co-produced this week’s comedy thriller dhanalakshmi talupu tadithe, which has hit screens with a decent buzz. let’s see how it is.


ranadhir(ranadhir) and srimukhi are professional kidnappers who kidnap the niece of minister vasundhara(sindhu tholani) and demand one million rupees from her. With no other choice, Vasundhara agrees to these demands and prepares with the money.

an excited ranadhir and srimukhi begin their journey to meet the minister. Unfortunately, they run into an accident and the little girl gets lost in traffic. this is also the time that kodi (dhanraj) and three of her friends find the girl and hand her over to the minister. An overwhelmed Vasundhara hands over the crore in cash to Kodi and his gang and leaves with the girl.

The happy gang takes the money and begins their journey unaware of what lies ahead. the rest of the story is how this group gets out of their troubles and saves their lives from the evil clutches of ranadhir and others.

positive points:-

One of the film’s greatest assets is the first forty minutes. these moments immerse you in the proceedings with a lot of emotion and entertainment. furthermore, the problems that arise when dealing with a lot of money have been shown exceptionally well. naga babu is quite good in his cameo and mimics pawan kalyan well.

by coming to the performances, dhanraj has done a wonderful job on the film. he balances thrills and comedic flair with aplomb. The talented comedian is especially good at the Pirates of the Caribbean parody episode. srimukhi performs well as a lady thief and so did manoj, anil and vijay in their respective roles.

As stated above, the first forty minutes and the last twenty minutes of the film provide decent entertainment. tagubothu ramesh plays her role well and the sharp runtime helps a lot too.

negative points:-

After engaging the audience to a decent level early on, the film bogs down a bit. the proceedings become predictable and some unnecessary scenes take center stage. even though the pirates of the caribbean episode elicits decent laughs, it puts the movie aside entirely.

there is a lot of logic missing in the movie. the scenes showing the setting of the forest and the characters entering during this time lack clarity. After highlighting Ranadhir’s character so effectively during the first half, he dies down by the time the film ends. unsurprisingly, there isn’t much comedy in the film that could go against certain expectations.

technical aspects:-

The camera work on the film is pretty decent and shows off the locations well. Bole Shah Vali’s music is decent and his background score for the first forty minutes is pretty impressive. siva prasad’s editing is pretty good, but it bogs down after the initial half hour.

referring to director sai achyut chinnari, he has done a decent job with his debut film and manages to captivate the audience on a decent level. His dialogue and script are promising, but they fall short after such an impressive start.


Overall, Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadite is a surprisingly decent movie. there are many emotions that entertain the audience most of the time. Dhanjaraj can be credited for believing in the script and putting a lot of money into this project. If you ignore the flat half hour interval before and after, you can give this comedy thriller a try without hesitation. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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