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Dikkulu choodaku ramayya movie review

Video Dikkulu choodaku ramayya movie review
Dikkulu-Chudaku-Ramayya_rev Release date : Oct 10, 2014 Rating : 3.25/5 Director : Trikoti Producer : Rajini Korrapati Music Director : M.M. Keeravaani Starring : Naga Shaurya, Ajay, Sana Makbul, Indraja

Sai Korrapati has been churning out hits one after the other. His latest presentation is ‘Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya’ which has Ajay, Naga Shourya and Sana Makbul in lead roles. Directed by debutante Trikoti, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


the story is based on the life of 36 year old gopala krishna(ajay), who got married at a very young age and has a teenage son madhu(naga shourya). As he has been carrying the family burdens from a very young age, Gopala Krishna decides to do things that he missed during his youth.

one fine day, he meets sameeta (sana maqbool) and falls in love with her. he lies about her family and develops a close friendship with her. this is also the time that her madhu’s son, who goes to the same university as sameeta, is attracted to her. the twist in the story comes when both father and son fall in love with the same girl. the rest of the story is how they both deal with this difficult situation and solve their problems.

positive points:-

The main plus point of the movie is the interesting concept. stories like these are very rare for Telugu movies, and it’s good that the creators are finally trying something new. ajay has a role tailored for him and does a decent job of acting him. he suits his character and looks fit as a young father to naga shourya. speaking of shourya, this young hero does exceptionally well in his second movie. he looks handsome and acts quite convincingly. the way he has shown the emotional side of him in the second half is also excellent.

the comedy scenes with ajay and all his problems with the heroine have been shown with humor. the climax of the film is decent and has been handled well. another point in favor of the film is the music, which is quite good. brahmaji is excellent in his comedic role and does a wonderful job as ajay’s friend. Sana Maqbool is fine and does his job well.

negative points:-

Even though this movie has an interesting story, the way it has been handled is sub-par. Bang interval lacks clarity and could have been better. the role of indraja is left only for the sentimental touch and has not been explored much. the relationship between ajay and indraja should have been more focused as well.

After a certain point of time, the second half of the movie becomes predictable. the script during this period is below average. the film has a rollercoaster feel to it. when something interesting is happening, the movie drops sharply. there are a lot of unnecessary scenes in the movie that only add to the running time.

technical aspects:-

as said before, m m keeravani’s music is a great resource for the film. all the songs are pretty good and move the movie forward. but it’s his background score that takes the film to another level. Keeravani shows the class of him and brings a lot of depth to the film. the editing is below par as there were many scenes that could have been cut.

director trikoti has done a marginal job with his debut film. the concept that he has chosen is quite novel, but he has faltered in the execution part. hers stretches the plot too far and fails to elevate important scenes. the dialogue is okay, but the camera work and production values ​​are top notch, showing the movie in a good light.


Overall, dikkulu chodaku ramayya is a refreshing change from the routine commercial movies that are released late. Ajay and Naga Shourya’s acting, music and comedy episodes are a basic bonus. Even though this movie lacks proper storytelling in parts, it will still make up for a decent watch for its unique content. rating: 3.25/5reviewed by 123telugu team

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