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Dirty hari telugu movie review

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Continuing the trend of reviewing shows and movies on ott, today a telugu movie called dirty hari has hit small screens. the movie is available in movies on fridays and let’s see how it goes.


Hari (shravan reddy) is an ambitious man who lands in hyderabad to make it big. he meets vasudha (rushani sharma) a rich girl and falls in love with her. But in this process, Hari also finds himself attracted to Vasudha’s brother’s girlfriend, Jasmine (Simrat Kaur). this creates a new angle in the story and hari starts having an affair with jasmine. What problems did hari face in his martial life? how did you handle both relationships? that forms the rest of the story.

bonus points

ms raju became a director with dirty hari and chose a very bold theme of an extramarital affair and you can tell he has done a decent job. For any erotic thriller, the main focus is on the lovemaking scenes, and dirty hari is full of such raunchy scenes. but the good part is that all these scenes have been shot in a very aesthetic way and they don’t seem vulgar in what way.

Another important aspect of the film is the performances. The entire cast has done a very good job and the best of them was the main lead, Shravan Reddy. he fits the role of him perfectly and is very good in the movie. the famous Hindi TV actor brings all of his experience to the film and it moves quite well. Whether it’s dialogue delivery, expressions, or body language, shravan is a perfect fit for the setting.

ruhani sharma lands a good role and does it well. although his role seems boring, in the end he gets a meaty role and is very good. But the main attraction will be Simrat Kaur, who has played a bold role in the film. also in terms of acting, she has done a good job and is the main visual attraction of the film. the climactic twist is presented quite well and ends the movie on a very interesting note. Surekha Vani was decent in her elegant role.

negative points

As the trailers show, the film is clearly made for today’s youth and will appeal to them. the pace of the movie is a bit slow, especially during the beginning of the second half. routine and repeated scenes are shown and this distracts the movie a bit.

As for the theme, there is nothing new like an ambitious guy falling in love with a rich girl, then cheating on her and having an affair has been tried in many previous Hindi movies. the police episode, in the end, could have been handled in a more appropriate way to give the film a good effect. Ruhani Sharma and her role should have had more drama to make the emotion quite interesting.

technical aspects

The film’s production values ​​are top notch, as the visuals are elegant and beautifully presented. the camera work is very good and the way all the lovemaking scenes are shot is impressive. the dialogues are good and special mention must go to the production design as the film’s setting is quite slick. the editing was fine and the music is awesome. the bgm was also quite effective.

referring to the director ms raju, he has done a decent job with the film. he has made this movie with a motto and that is to tell a story that suits the mindset of today’s youth. Although his story is routine and a bit predictable, it has very erotic scenes and drama that keep the process moving without much hindrance.


Overall, dirty hari is an erotic thriller created for a target audience that loves raunchy movies. the aesthetically shot lovemaking scenes, the impressive performances, and the climactic twist are major assets. However, if you ignore the slow pace and a fairly predictable storyline, ms raju induces enough curiosity in the proceedings to make for a decent watch for the audience. rating: 3/5

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