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Dorasani movie review

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anand deverakonda and shivathmika rajasekhar’s period drama dorasaani has hit screens today. let’s see what worked and what didn’t in the movie.


Set against the backdrop of telangana, dorasaani follows the story of a rich girl and an underdog. Raju (Anand Deverakonda) falls in love with Ella’s village princess Devaki (Shivathmika) and tries to woo her with her poems. Impressed with Raju, Dorassani instantly connects with him and eventually the two fall deeply in love. the rest of the story is how the couple survives the caste-dominated society. what kind of challenges do they face on their journey? to know this, you have to see the movie in theaters near you.

positive points:

The entire film is authentically narrated and perfectly depicts the lifestyle of the people of Telangana in the early 1980s.

hero anand deverakonda has tried to play the role of an underdog in the best possible way and has succeeded to some extent. His dialogue delivery is good and he performed decently for a newcomer in all the emotional scenes.

the heroine shivathmika is the one who steals the show. she not only looks pretty in the role of dorasaani, but she also impresses with her screen presence and her acting in the second half. Her performance in one particular police station scene during the pre-climax sequence is excellent and brings a lot of depth to the proceedings.

fidaa fame sharanya is good at her role as a maid and so were the boys who played the hero’s friend. all of the supporting characters in the movie did a decent job.


one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is that it lacks any outstanding actors. Although the person named Varma who played the heroine’s father suited her role, but since it is new, the audience may not feel the depth of her character. furthermore, the slow-paced narration and the millennial history are also negative points of the film.

the prominent actor kishore, known as kannada kishore, his character has not been properly established. whenever the film needs a serious scene, his character appears as a naxalite and delivers some groundbreaking dialogue. but apart from that, his subplot is nowhere connected to the main plot.

Because the film is heavily narrated, it hardly has any regular commercial material like comedy and duets.

technical aspects:

director k.v.r. Mahendra’s story is nothing new as we have been seeing the love stories between rich and poor in many movies. but his legwork in bringing the authentic flavor to the film is clearly visible on screen. Coming to the execution part, Mahendra tried to narrate the proceedings in adequate detail, but forgot the pace of the film, which unfolds on a slow note. if he could have made the narration crisp, the result would have been even better.

Naveen Nooli’s editing work is decent, but he could have cut about ten minutes out of the movie to make things attractive. sunny kurapati’s cinematography is brilliant as she brought each frame to life with her color texture.

prashanth r vihari’s music is excellent and is the main backbone of the film. although the film lacks any commercial duets, it did manage to deliver nice situational telangana folk songs. his background score is adorable and haunting. the production values ​​of this limited budget film are good.


Overall, dorasaani is a love story that exposes the caste-based system in society and how it is affecting the youth. anand and shivathmika’s chemistry is great and the realistic scenes are good. but on the other hand, a slow-paced narrative and a lack of plot freshness make for below-average fare for this weekend.

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reviewed by 123telugu team

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