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hannah hargrave dr. oz and his wife, lisa, have been married for over three decades and have a few surprises up their sleeves when it comes to their relationship

dr. oz is currently on the cusp of making history as the first Muslim US Senator and his family endorse him.

The popular TV doctor, he is a proud father of four children and a loving husband to his wife, Lisa. they have a wonderful life in their beautiful home and talk enthusiastically about their relationship.

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But there’s something unusual about the couple’s long-term marriage that you may not know yet.

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who is dr. oz’s wife?

lisa oz is a celebrity in her own right. the stunning brunette is a radio personality, author and actress. she has been on the new york times best seller list no less than six times and is an expert on wellness and relationships.

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how did dr. oz do you know his wife?

dr. oz – full name dr. mehmet oz – they weren’t high school sweethearts or a couple who met in a bar. in fact, mehmet has described their relationship as “sort of an arranged marriage”.

Dr. oz show star explained what he meant in an interview with yahoo lifestyle when he revealed that his parents were friends and set them up.

their first date was even with their parents present.

Lisa didn’t know who her husband-to-be was at the time and told the outlet, “I thought it was the maitre d. I was like, ‘wow, that waiter is so good.” ‘”


dr. oz has described their relationship as “sort of an arranged marriage”

how did dr. oz propose to lisa?

even his proposal was unique! The lovebirds got into an argument seven months after her romance and he told Yahoo Lifestyle that when she left, he realized he wanted to spend the rest of her life with her.

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“I chased her down the street, picked up a tab from an aluminum can that was on the ground, and presented it to her” , she said of asking the question.

thankfully, she’s improved significantly when it comes to the actual engagement ring.


they are more in love than ever

how long has dr. have you been married?

mehmet and lisa were married in 1985 and have never looked back.

It’s not that marriage isn’t hard work. Lisa told Shape Magazine: “We fight a lot and there are times when we’re just bored with each other” but they always work out their differences.

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both also insist that it’s important to keep the flame alive in the bedroom.

dr. oz and lisa have four children and several grandchildren

have renewed their wedding vows more than once

One wedding wasn’t enough for either of them, so Mehmet and Lisa have said “I do” over and over again.

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“every seven years you have to reinvent the relationship,” he said on Women’s Day in 2012 about why they renew their vows every seven years: “this is true not only for marriage, it is true for work and other friendships, but especially in marriage.”

he joked: “I’ve been married to three different women, and Lisa has been married to three different men.”

That will be four now!

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