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ET Movie Review: Message Stuffed With Rotten Masala |

Et telugu movie review

movie: et – evariki thalavanchadu rating: 1.5/5 banner: sun pictures cast: suriya, priyanka arul mohan, vinay rai, soori, sathyaraj, saranya ponvannan, and others. music: d imman dop: r. rathnavelu editor: ruben luchas: ram-laxman, anbariv producer: sun pictures directed by: pandiraj release date: March 10, 2022

suriya’s two recent films aakasham nee haddhu ra and jai bhim were unable to reach theaters as they opted for ott platforms. almost three years later, a suriya protagonist has hit theaters. “et evariki thalavanchadu” hit theaters today.

Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages.

story: krishna mohan (suriya) is a lawyer in a village near chittoor. As in most Tamil movies, the villagers in it have problems with the adjacent villagers.

kaamesh (vinay rai), son of a minister and businessman, lives in the other village and preys on young women. he blackmails women by recording them being intimate with their boyfriends.

When a girl seeks Krishna Mohan’s help and tells him about Kaamesh and his gang’s activity, he takes matters into his own hands.

how will krishna mohan remove the weeds from society?

Performances by Artists: suriya has returned to the usual commercial film genre after a long hiatus. he plays the role effortlessly. suriya holds the film.

priyanka arul mohan has done a good job in a scene in the second half. vinay rai is fine. Sathya Raj and Saranya Ponvannan play typical parents.

Technical Excellence: Rathnavelu’s camera is nothing out of the ordinary, but it does capture the rural landscape in style. d imman’s songs are forgettable. after ‘annaatthe’, imman has presented another formulated result.

highlights: suriya movie message

drawback: the silly and boring tamil sentiment scenes songs formulaic narratives of the first half

analysis Suriya’s recent releases won high praise from everyone. Rich in content and with solid performances, Suriya set the bar high with those two films. since missing the theatrical run for almost three years, the actor has played a safe game of selecting a typical Tamil rural film.

“et evariki talavanchadu” ticks all the boxes of rural mass artists that we can see in kollywood.

Although the film deals with an important theme: women become victims due to video recording, the first half of the film is boring. It is dedicated to the love track of Suriya and Priyanka and the problems between the two peoples. the treatment in the first half of the movie is very clichéd and headache-inducing.

According to media reports, the story is based on real life incidents that took place in Tamilnadu. In addition to highlighting the problem, the director tries to resort to open feeling, which puts you off.

the best part of the movie is priyanka arul mohan bravely talking about her video and suriya standing next to her. Despite the social message, “et” has many unbearable problems. it’s hard to sit and watch the proceedings for almost two and a half hours.

comedy, rural setting, action, overly sentimental scenes remind us of another mediocre recent tamil movie, rajinikanth’s “annattthe”.

First of all, it’s too predictable and the Tamil-flavored comedy flops. the whole episode of suriya and priyanka trying to get married in an utsavam is an example of lousy writing. In addition to this silly comedy, the film tries to emotionally blackmail the audience with open feelings.

some lousy and poorly made masala telugu movies are much better than this typical mass movie. Suriya’s message and acting are good, but the other issues outweigh them and make ‘et’ a boring watch.

final result: ‘e’extremely ‘t’asteless

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