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F2 Telugu Movie Review |

F2 movie review

f2 has been in the news as it has the crazy combination of venkatesh and varun tej as main characters. comedy mischief has hit the screens today and let’s see if it lives up to all your expectations or not.


venky(venkatesh) is a frustrated husband who starts to hate his wife(tamannaah) just after six months of their marriage, this is also the time when varun(varun tej) falls in love with honey(mehreen) who is the crazy sister of venky in-law. this creates more problems for frustrated men.

After one point in the film, the duo become so frustrated that they leave their loved ones behind and flee to Europe. there, they face a deadly situation and find themselves in even bigger trouble with their wives. the rest of the story is how they get out of their problems and win back their love.

positive points:

venkatesh is back in top form and hilarious in the movie. his facial expressions and the way he evokes bakra comedy is quite good. it’s good to see him in a lovable role after a long time that the family audience will easily connect with.

credit must go to varun tej for maintaining his strength against a senior artist like venky. Varun not only had to understand his telangana slang well, but also had to conjure up the slapstick comedy which he did quite well and paired with venky superbly.

it was good to see y vijaya and annapurna in good roles after a long time. Tamannaah looks gorgeous in the movie and the surprise package is Mehreen, who beautifully conjured up the goofy expressions and comedy.

The dog episode is hilarious and will elicit huge applause at the theater. the first half is filled with many funny moments that are simple and fun. prakash raj was good and vennela kishore gives her comedic touch to the movie at the end. Rajendra Prasad is also neat in his role and provides the necessary laughs.

negative points:

there is no proper story in the movie as the plot is very thin. furthermore, the point of conflict at which the heroes part with their loved ones is not well established.

After a hilarious first half, the film’s tempo drops and slows it down somewhat. evoked comedy is fine during this time as the logic is lost in many places. a song at the climax disturbs the flow of the film at the crucial point.

technical aspects:

dsp music is almost ok, as is your background music. the dialogues are hilarious and director anil has used them in appropriate situations. Dil Raju’s production values ​​are top notch as the film looks rich and the camera department has showcased the European footage well. the editing is decent, but a song in the second half could have been avoided.

referring to the director anil ravipudi, he has done a good job with the film. he has used the potential of venkatesh to the fullest and has created good comedy at regular intervals. he knows the pulse of the audience well and narrated the film in a simple and fun way. if he had added some more logic and fun in the second half, the result would have been excellent.


Overall, f2 is a fun and upbeat movie that can be watched with the whole family. vintage venky is back and making sure there is all-round entertainment in the movie. there’s no proper story or logic in the second half, but this is the kind of movie that should be enjoyed all those minor issues aside. As the sankranthi season progresses, the film will take on a wider scope as it has simple and neat fun that will impress many. go see it. rating: 3.25/5

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