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Review : F3 – Comedy steals the show |

F3 movie review in telugu

Video F3 movie review in telugu

Following the solid success of f2, anil ravipudi is back with a new movie in the franchise of fun and frustration. starring venkatesh and varun tej, f3 has hit screens with much anticipation. let’s see how it is.


f3 is not a proper continuation of f2 as only the key characters of f2 have been added. venky(venkatesh) and varun(varun tej) are two people who are always looking for money. After failing to earn much money, they find out that a rich businessman (murali sharma) is looking for his lost son. So both Venky and Varun decide to enter as the lost son and inherit the crores of property. how they will do all this and what will happen to them in due time is the basic story of f3.

positive points:

One of the film’s greatest assets is the basic entertainment quotient. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a clean comedy that everyone can watch with their family. f3 is full of good entertainment that breaks out at regular intervals.

venkatesh was hilarious at f2 and steps up a notch at f3. the comedic timing of him is excellent and the way he lets go of his star image and becomes a character and evokes comedy is excellent. he as the man with night blindness is so good at f3. sonal chauhan lands a good role after a long time and is sizzling.

varun tej is a very underrated actor and shows what he is capable of at f3. it is very difficult to evoke comedy but varun does it very easily in f3. he, like the young stutterer, creates excellent chemistry with venkatesh. Tammannah and Mehreen also get good parts in the movie and do their best.

after a long time, sunil gets a meatier role and also gets some good laughs. ali also returns with a crazy character and does very well in the limitations of him. murali sharma, annapurna, pragathi and the f2 gang are quite good in their roles.

The climax and the funny way the main stars are mentioned will impress the audience. the songs are well placed and the solos are pretty good.

negative points:

Since the day the film was released, the filmmakers have emphasized the fact that there will be no logic and entertainment will be the main focus. from the first scene onwards, the logic is lost and there are as many problems in the script as there are scenes that are conveniently written.

The first fifteen minutes of the film are quite slow as nothing happens during this time. the way murali sharma and how she is searching for her lost son comes suddenly. these scenes don’t sink into the movie but the comedy saves the show.

f3 is a movie that will not go down well with a portion of the class audience as they may find the scenes and situations rather silly to digest. they’ll find the comedy over the top and loud.

technical aspects:

dsp’s music is good and all the songs are well placed on the stage. bgm is good and so was the production design. dil raju has spent a lot on the film and it shows on screen. the camera work is incredible as it gives prominence to so many actors in the frame. the length of the second half should have been trimmed a bit.

referring to the director anil ravipudi, he has done a good job with the film. the way he has narrated f3 speaks to his talent. taking characters from f2, he added more fun to them and gave them the backdrop of money. the way the comedy is generated through each character makes the movie hilarious in several scenes. in a way, anil ravipudi didn’t focus on story or logic and just wanted to amuse the audience and he succeeded.


Overall f3 is a complete masala movie with good entertainment at regular intervals. Although the story, logic and emotions are mixed, the presence of multiple stars and the fun generated keep the audience engaged and make this movie a good option to watch with the family this weekend. just keep your expectations in check and enjoy this comedy timepass. rating: 3.25/5

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