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Famous people who failed the bar

twenty celebrities who failed the bar exam

If you recently failed the bar exam, we understand that it can be very upsetting. however, like anything else, knowing that you are not alone in your failure can bring you some comfort. many famous figures also failed the bar exam before conquering it and much more! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Celebrities Who Failed The Bar Exam to show you that you’re not alone. and, indeed, you are among many of our nation’s greats.

twenty celebrities who failed the bar exam

1. President Franklin D. roosevelt

Our longest serving president failed the new york bar exam the first time he took it. He then took the exam again and passed it in 1907!

2. first lady michelle obama

after graduating from harvard law school, michelle obama failed the bar exam the first time she took it. Mrs. obama went on to practice intellectual property law for sidley & Austin before she became the first African American First Lady!

3. John F. kennedy jr.

son of the 35th president of the united states, john f. Kennedy, Kennedy Jr. he failed the new york bar exam twice! He later served as New York City District Attorney.

4. secretary of state hillary clinton

former first lady, former congressional senator, and former secretary of state hillary clinton was never able to pass the d.c. bar exam. she did, she passed the arkansas bar and pursued a corporate legal career before devoting herself to public service.

5. kathleen sullivan

former dean of stanford law school named partner of quinn emmanuel urquhart & Sullivan, and Supreme Court Argumentator, Kathleen Sullivan flunked out of the California Bar before finally passing and going on to great things.

6. kamala harris

kamala harris initially failed the california bar exam. After retaking and passing the exam, Kamala became California’s 32nd Attorney General, a United States Senator, and a United States Vice Presidential candidate.

7. jerry brown

Prior to serving as California’s 34th and 39th Governor, Jerry Brown failed the California Bar exam. another example of how this momentary setback does not prevent one from achieving great things.

8. governor pete wilson

Governor Pete Wilson served as the 36th Governor of California, a US Governor. uu. senator, mayor of san diego and state assemblyman after failing the bar exam three times! passed on his fourth try.

9. governor deval patrick

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Governor Patrick failed the bar exam twice and passed it on his third try. He then served as the first African-American Governor of Massachusetts for eight years.

10. Governor David Paterson

the first black governor of new york and the second legally blind governor in the united states, david paterson, also failed the new york bar. he used this experience to fight for better bar accommodations for the visually impaired.

11. congressman harold ford jr.

Congressman Ford failed the bar exam (without retaking it) before serving in the United States House of Representatives for a decade.

12. mayor of new york ed koch

failing the new york bar exam didn’t stop mayor koch from achieving great things. He served as a US Congressman and Mayor of New York City!

13. Mayor Ricardo M. daley

after failing the bar exam twice, richard daley became mayor of chicago for six terms!

14. governor charlie christ

After failing the bar exam twice, Charlie Crist became Florida’s Attorney General, Governor, and United States Representative for Florida’s 13th District.

15. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

After failing the California Bar Exam four times, Antonio Villaraigosa turned his attention from life as a lawyer and became Mayor of Los Angles between 2005 and 2013.

16. antonio scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci, a financier and former communications director for the Trump administration, twice failed the bar exam.

17. emily pataki

daughter of former new york governor george pataki, emily found herself failing the new york bar the first time. After passing the bar, she went on to have a thriving legal career.

18. pat robinson

After graduating from Yale Law School at the top of her class, Pat Robinson flunked out of the New York Bar. he later became a nationally known minister and televangelist.

19. Kevin D. callahan

kevin d. callahan could be a name unknown to you. however, her story is a powerful reminder of perseverance. he failed the massachusetts bar exam not once, not twice, not three times, but 10 times! after finally passing, mr. Callahan continues to run his own private practice.

20. paulina bandy

Famous in her own right for failing the bar exam more than any other, Paulina Bandy failed 13 times before finding success. she now has a website that helps students pass the bar.

We know you can feel horrible after failing the bar exam. here is our message and advice for those who may have failed.

You may be wondering if you’re up to the task of the bar exam. Rest assured, many great attorneys before you have failed the bar exam and achieved extraordinary things. take some time to relax and understand that you are not alone. then remember that you have resources available to help you pass the bar exam next time. When you’re ready, create an action plan that gives you the best chance of success. you are among some of the greatest leaders in our country, so don’t give up. we believe in you, and you should too!

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