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Famous people who have ptsd

Celebrities and Famous People With PTSD

PTSD can happen to anyone, and there are many celebrities and famous people with PTSD who have come forward to share their stories.

After experiencing a traumatic event, it is not uncommon for people to experience intense post-traumatic symptoms and anxiety.

if these symptoms persist for more than several months, then ptsd could be diagnosed.

People who are at risk for ptsd include people with a history of childhood abuse, those who lack social support, as well as people who experience ongoing chronic stress or another psychiatric disorder. > p>

what does ptsd mean and stand for

what does ptsd mean?

ptsd stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. For someone to be diagnosed with PTSD (as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), they must have been exposed to a life-threatening event, or a life-threatening event. perceived as such.

In addition, symptoms must persist for at least one month. ptsd symptoms run deep. we have listed some of the main symptoms below.

symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include:

  • persistent memories of traumatic events
  • nightmares
  • flashbacks
  • intense psychological or physiological distress
  • detachment or estrangement
  • amnesia
  • trouble sleeping
  • irritability or outbursts of anger
  • hypervigilance
  • increased startle response
  • concentration problems
  • suicidal thoughts

To escape the effects of PTSD, people often turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

what does ptsd mean?

Over the past five centuries, ptsd has been given many names, including war shock, soldier’s heart, homesickness, neurosis or combat fatigue, and neurocirculatory asthenia.

if you suffer from ptsd, you are not alone. 44.7 million people worldwide suffer from ptsd. Of that number, 24.4 million of them are in the United States. ptsd is worse in post-conflict regions where people have suffered massive violence or war.

many famous people and celebrities with ptsd have come forward and told their stories about their struggles with ptsd. opening doors for ptsd to become more socially acceptable and allowing more people to ask for much needed help.

ptsd is treatable if people come forward and talk about how they feel. In this article, we’ll explore 10 famous people who suffer from PTSD.

celebrities with ptsd

10 famous people and celebrities with PTSD

1. ariana grande

Singer-songwriter ariana grande has opened up about her struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. The trigger for her PTSD was the suicide bombing at her concert that killed 22 people in Manchester, UK, in May 2017.

Interestingly, he had a brain scan that showed the physical impact PTSD has had on his brain. she publicly shared the brain scan with her fans on her instagram and they are showing great support during the ordeal.

grande said the therapy saved his life.

2. whoopi goldberg

Unsurprisingly, actress, talk show host and comedian whoopi goldberg spends much of her time touring the world for her work.

what you may not know is that every time he boards the plane he has a panic attack.

40 years ago, in 1978, she was standing on a balcony in san diego, enjoying the view when she witnessed a mid-flight plane crash. She has since had trouble boarding flights.

whoopi says, “if I see it, it lives in my brain,” because he’s a visual person. Goldberg grew up in a deprived housing project and had learning disabilities.

3. mick jagger

sir mick jagger is famous throughout the world for being the leader of the successful band the rolling stones. But fame doesn’t protect people from acute traumatic stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

developed the condition after her partner of 49 years, l’wren scott, took his own life. after a month of acute traumatic stress, a person can be diagnosed with ptsd.

mick jagger was reportedly “deeply upset” when his mental health condition was shared with the world. For the rest of us, it’s good to see that no one is immune from the effects of PTSD.

4. jacqueline kennedy onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Jackie Kennedy for short) was the wife of President John F. Kennedy her world was turned upside down when he witnessed the jfk murder.

She suffered in silence and little was known about her struggles, until Barbara Leaming wrote “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: The Untold Story,” which depicts the first lady’s emotional struggles that were hidden behind a veil of glamour.

5. monica seles

At the age of 16, monica seles was a grand slam winner and the number 1 tennis player in the world. Just a few months later, Monica was literally stabbed in the back with a nine-inch kitchen knife at the age of 19 during a break from the court at a match in Hamburg.

This event, combined with learning her father had terminal cancer around the same time, led to years of post-traumatic stress disorder and an eating disorder.

Monica has learned to “live in the moment” and had a recovery before retiring from the sport. she overcame loneliness and stress alone and learned to love herself again.

She gained a lot of weight in the two years after her traumatic event, and was recounted her battles with the image of herself in her book, “Controlling: My Body, My Mind, My Self.”

6. shia labeouf

In 2018, 31-year-old shia labeouf opened up about her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. His parents separated when he was only three years old and at that time he heard that his mother was being raped.

His emotional battles were long hidden, however, they became apparent when he was arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Georgia.

since he was a child, labeouf has always lived in fear of someone coming after him or his mother. shia says “i always thought someone was going to break in”. while he was in rehab, he discovered that he had ptsd.

7. barbara streisand

barbra streisand is an oscar-winning megastar. however, her childhood was far from perfect. In addition to her father’s death when she was only 15 months old, her mother did not show her any love and her stepfather did not like her.

streisand developed anxiety when she performed at a concert in new york where she forgot the words to the song. As a perfectionist, this event deeply affected Streisand.

reportedly revealed that he used anti-anxiety medication to overcome his seasonal affective disorder (sadness) and anxiety disorder. Ella Streisand is notoriously lonely and she doesn’t like to leave the perfection of her own home where she can control what happens.

8. alanis morissette

Canadian singer-songwriter alanis morisette is a self-confessed “attention junkie.” however, her sudden and unexpected rise to fame left her suffering from panic attacks and depression.

As an isolated person, the people watching his every move became intolerable. Alanis says. “It has taken a lot of work and therapy to just not be suicidal.”

morisette didn’t know what she signed up for when she became a big star. she had therapists calling her while she was away, while she was struggling with all the attention.

In therapy, Alanis worked with love addiction, sex addiction, and addiction in general.

9. lady gaga

Two years ago, multiple grammy award-winning artist lady gaga (stefani germanotta) opened up about her post-traumatic stress disorder. She suffers from PTSD because she was raped by an older man at her Catholic school at the age of 19.

lady gaga has opened up many times about how trauma has lasting effects where she relives the experience years after the event occurred. She receives therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and symptoms, which were affecting her work commitments.

While collecting a patron award at the Sag-Aftra Foundation’s third annual Artists’ Patronage Awards, Lady Gaga called the mental health epidemic a “crisis of epic proportions.”

10. charlize theron

The renowned South African actress charlize theron had a traumatic experience during her childhood that has haunted her throughout her life.

when theron was 15 years old his father (an alcoholic) threatened to kill his mother and she shot him, killing him in self defense.

The trauma led him to use hard drugs, such as “molly” (ecstasy), acid, mushrooms and cocaine. she used to explain herself as a “candle and baker”. Theron, now 43 and a single mother of two, says her therapy has helped her create a great life for her children.

ptsd can happen to anyone: but it’s treatable

ptsd does not discriminate on the basis of age, wealth, success or fame. Trauma is a deep-seated problem that can resurface years after the traumatic event has occurred, as some of these famous people with PTSD have described in their own stories.

Fortunately, mental illnesses like PTSD are out in the open and becoming less taboo. ptsd is worse in people who have had a troubled childhood or existing mental health problems.

Many in the addiction treatment community are well aware that there is a clear link between PTSD and addiction.

Food, drugs, and alcohol are often used to temporarily numb the pain of mental disorders. For this reason, treating dual pathology is crucial to overcoming mental health disorders combined with addiction simultaneously for full recovery.

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